CF Poker-Jokers Wild/Back Squat

POKER-590x393Wednesday December 31, 2014

Abridged schedule today. 8am, 9am, 10am and 11am only. Have a SAFE and happy New Year!

No CF Kids Today No Yoga Today

WOD CrossFit Poker 18 minute AMRAP Pick 5 cards from the deck and do as many reps as the card's number: Hearts: Thrusters 95/65/45 Diamonds: Box Jumps 24"/20" Clubs: Power Snatches 95/65/45 Spades: T2B Joker: 15 Burpees The Jack is 11, Queen is 12, King is 13, Ace is 14.

A round is the completion of all 5 movements.

Skill/Strength: Back Squat 5x3 @ 80% 1RM

Warm Up: 3 min DUs then Pry Squats Wall Balls HRPU Jumping Squats Ball Slams

8:00 Jeff Shelby Mercades Jess D. Glitter Chris E. Debbie Katie Rich Adrian Vinayak Mo

8:00-ish Jenny Meghan

9:00 Jerry Milo Erin John V. Marianne Corinne Amy K. Terri

10:00 Sarah Joanna Mary Kate Meaghan Eddie Sophia Jon Jesse Caitlin Mallory Dawn Chelsea

11:00 Lindsey Matt B. Ed O' Christine Nick Jail Craig Gary Jess