Open WODs 13.4-14.1/

IG_23-01-2014-Rodiculous-Crossfit-Memes-2Friday December 19, 2014

WOD “Open 13.4″ Climbing Ladder for 7 Minutes Clean and Jerks, 135/95/65 Toes to Bar Rest 5 min Then "Open 14.1" 10 min AMRAP 30 DUs 15 Power Snatches 75/55/45

Skill/Strength: Atlas Stones 3 Rounds 40 sec work, climbing if possible 1 Round Burpees

Warm Up: EMOM Jumping Squats Hang KB Snatch HRPU Pull Ups Suicides

5:00 Reese 95#/51reps-65#/S/120reps Phil 135/51reps-75/S/180reps Mercedes 65/53reps-45/DU/142reps Mel C 50/40reps-35/DU/105reps Curtis Rx/67reps-Rx/225reps Maria 65/59reps-45/DU/133reps Jim J 135/43reps-75/S/175reps Debbie 80/46reps-55/DU/188reps

6:00 Joe C 65/K2C/48reps-65/S/133reps Sean R 95/44reps-65/S/165reps Erik W Rx/54reps-Rx/173reps

7:00 Nick K Rx/48reps-Rx/141reps Thee People's Coach 115/36reps-Rx/165reps Andy 35/T2close to bar/48reps-35/S/120reps MKN 25/T2close to bar/60reps-25/S/264reps

9:00 Beetle Rx/64reps-75/S/215reps Mo Rx 62reps-Rx 263reps 9-Lives Rx 44reps-Rx 221reps Milo 95/47reps-75/S/167reps Doug 75/K2C/60reps-55/S/171reps Eddie Rx 65reps-Rx 240reps Jeff 95/K2C-75/S/172reps

10:00 Alex Rx 86reps-Rx 193reps Tom 115/K2C/62reps-Rx 182 Mimi 65/K2C/45reps-45/S/135 Meaghan 65/K2C/42reps-45/S/171 MKC 85/43reps-Rx 160reps Matt H 105/K2C/46reps-Rx 170reps

4:00 Sam B. 55/k2e/35-45/S/95 Dawn 65/44-45/S/167 Nick R. 75/22-75/S/135 Christine Rx 43-Rx 150 Jeremy 75/36-75/S/190 Reed 55/k2e/25-45/S/150 Mason 125/45-Rx 210 Joanna 75/47-55/S/203

6:00 Jail 85/45-Rx 147 Glitter Rx 63-Rx 258 Ed Rx 67-Rx 235 Malopy Rx 54-Rx 250 Alice 45/k2e/45-35/S/175