Happy BDay Maria/Fight Gone Bad

77512 Friday December 12, 2014

!!!Happy Birthday Maria!!!

***3rd anniversary/Holiday party tomorrow Saturday evening. Doors open at 5:00pm. Catering by Chucks Southern BBQ with open bar.*** Please join us to celebrate 3 years in the books and a celebration of you, the CFB community and the holiday season.  Friends and Family welcome.***


WOD I know we just did this, but it was requested by Maria for her birthday.  And, if you didn't know, she is the boss of this place, sooo... Fight Gone Bad 3 rounds 1 min Wall Balls 20/14/10 1 min SDHP 75/55/35 1 min Box Jumps 20" For ALL 1 min Push Press 75/55/35 1 min Row for Cals 1 min Rest

Skill/Strength: TGU 3x3 per arm, Climbing

Warm Up: EMOM Suicides Broad Jumps Pull Ups Burpees Ball Slams

5:00 Maria RX+b-day vest/ 181 Reese 55/14/185 Mercedes RX/202 Adrian Rx/241 Mary Kate RX/224 Wendy 35/10/219 Glenna 35/10/243 Kate 35/10 225 Melissa 35/10/214 Phillip Rx/248 Rich 55/14/263

6:00 Dennis RX/249 Katie RX/243 Meghan 35/10/244 Joe 55/14/229 Vin RX/239 Victor RX/223 Kathy 35/10/213 Erik -lift Jenny Rx/286

7:00 Amy 35/10/297 Mary Kay 35/10/252 MK Rx/264 Travis Rx/300

9:00 John Mc RX/337 Doug 55/14/189 Jason RX/221 Eddie RX/323 Grande RX/343

10:00 Tricia Mod/235 Mimi 35/14/247 Tom RX/267 Matt RX/239 Metz RX/199 Tracy RX/228

4:00 Sarah R. 10/35/197 Joanna RX/223 Mason RX/242 Jeremy RX/210 Joe P. RX/271 Sam 10/35/231 Gary RX/294 Caitlin RX/206

5:00 Ray RX/228 Eddie O'R. RX/312

6:00 Dave RX/386 Kevin RX/264 MKC RX/212 Dawn RX/193 Mary 10/35/181 Barbara RX/201 Matt B. RX/256