A Lil Chipper/Snatch work/Holiday Party Saturday

that's a paddlinThursday December 11, 2014

***3rd anniversary/Holiday party this Saturday evening. Doors open at 5:00pm. Catering by Chucks Southern BBQ with open bar.*** Please join us to celebrate 3 years in the books and a celebration of you, the CFB community and the holiday season.***

WOD 50 cal Row 40 T2B 30 Thrusters 95/65/45 20 Lateral Bar Over Burpees

Skill/Strength: EMOMx12 @ 90% of 1RM snatch -High Hang Snatch Pull. -Second Pull Snatch Drill (move from above the knee position to pockets position, back to above knee then through a snatch pull) -Low Hang full Snatch.

Warm Up: EMOM Burpee Pull Ups OHS w/ empty bar Broad Jumps Hollow Rocks Pry Squats

5:00 Mercedes 45/15:46 Katie k2e/35/15:05 Reese k2e/45/16:41 Matt B. RX/15:32 Kevin RX/11:41 Jim RX/14:28 Lisa RX/14:05 Debbie 55/13:03 Jessica D. Snatch Travis RX/10:35

6:00 Beetle 75/9:45 Joe C. k2e/45/16:33 Vin 65/12:03 Jose k2e/65/14:19 Sean 65/15:10 Dan B. RX/10:33 Denni$ Snatch Jenny RX/14:16 Andrea  k2e/35/14:59 Victor 65/15:40

7:00 Matt G. RX/14:28 Sam RX/8:58

9:00 John Mc. RX/13:02 Mr. Burns k2e/55/16:46 Chris RX/11:37 Corinne k2e/25/13:29 Jess C. k2e/55/13:54 Mark k2e/65/16:02 Tim Mod/75/13:59 Curtis RX/11:57 Sonntag 75/12:55 Dan 65/13:39

10:00 9-Lives RX/12:37 Tom k2e/75/11:40 Mimi k2e/50/16:34 Kevin65/11:45 Jon V. RX/12:48 Eddie RX/11:51 Hannah Montana RX/16:17 Uncle Jesse RX/13:11 Matt H. k2e/65/13:59 PJ RX/14:23 Barbara 45/15:51

4:00 Ed O'Ryan Rx/11:00 JoAnna Rx/14:00 Gary Mod/95/12:16 Shelby Rx/13:47 Sarah KR/55/14:09 Genelle 45/14:58 Lindsey Rx/14:22

5:00 Jerry Kr/95/13:50 Sophie 45/16:40 Jail Rx/14:18

6:00 Tony K2E/75/16:14 Reed Kr/35/15:42 Jeremy Rx/13:50 Drake Kr/75/15:25 Chris Rx/12:27 Natalie Mod/25/14:42

7:00 David Rx/9:10 Erika Rx/10:58