Team WOD/Trodo Open/Open Gym?Happy BDay Angie!!!

DodgeballSaturday December 6, 2014

!!!CFB 3rd anniversary/holiday party.  Next Saturday December 13 @ 5:00pm!!!  Bring friends and family to share in our success and raise a cup of cheer to our 4th year and the holiday season.

***Happy Birthday Angie***

WOD Trodo Team Open Teams of 4: 2 Girls/2 Guys 15 min AMRAP Max Cal Row Max Rep Wall Balls Max Reps (Russian) KB Swings *Three people work, one rests. Rotate as needed. No minimum work required by any athlete at any station. CAT1 Med Balls, Men 20#-10ft target/Women 14#-9 ft target, KBs, Men 53#/Women 35# CAT2/Masters 45+ Med Balls, 14#-10ft target/Women 10#-9 ft target, KBs, Men 35#/Women 26# CAT3 Any weight

Skill/Strength: Dodge Ball 3- 5 min Rounds Round 1- Non dominant hand throw Round 2- Crab Walk throw Round 3- Traditional If hit by ball or if opponent catches your ball, go to sideline and perform 5 bupees and then re-enter game.

Warm Up: 5 min "Cindy"