C2B-S2OH-BBJ/No 6pm class tonight

fave-crossfit-memeFriday December 5, 2014

***No 6pm class this evening due to staff party***

!!!CFB 3rd anniversary/holiday party.  Next Saturday December 13 @ 5:00pm!!!  Bring friends and family to share in our success and raise a cup of cheer to our 4th year and the holiday season.

WOD 15 min AMRAP 5 C2B 5 S2OH 155/105/75 5 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20/16

Skill/Strength: Weighted Pull Ups Spend 10 min working on Heavy 1

Warm Up: EMOM Shuttle Sprints HRPU Ring Rows Squat Tuck Jumps Hang KB Snatch

5:00 Mercedes R+B/65/8+9 Reese G/95/20"/5+10 Maria R+B/65/20" step up/8+10 Mel C R+B/50/8+10 Matt K Strict PU/115/8+3 Matt B 115/7+3 Jim J 115/7 Travis 115/24" Step Ups/11 Glenna G+P/45/8+3 Kate R+B Pull Ups/35/7+13

6:00 Joe G+B/75/ 20" step Ups/5+12 Matt G Rx 5+5 Kathy Rx2/45/7+11 Jenny Rx 7+14 Michelle B B+R/55/20" step ups/8+1 Vin 115/7+16 Erik W Rx 7+7

7:00 Thee People's Coach 115/8+2 Hannah Montana B/85/6 John Mc Rx 7+4

9:00 Felipe 115/ 7+6 Jess C B+G+R/85/7+6 Sam B B+G/45/12"/ 7

10:00 Jeff Bl+G/95/20"/ 8+2 Chels 75/ 7+5 Adam Bl=B/95/20"/ 7+6 James B/105/6+1 Mimi B+B Pull Ups/55/ 7+11 Kevin 115/ 9+10 MKMC R/85/6+6 Tracy R/85/6+7 Nutz 115/ 7+2 Metz 65/ 6+1 Meaghan B+P/65/6+12

4:00 Jeremy b+g/75/20"/9 Reed b+g/35/8 Jerry g/95/20"/7+5 Lindsey PU/85/7+11 Tom b/115/8 Gary Rx 7 Sarah g/55/8+4

5:00 Ed c2b/Mod./8+12 Coffey c2b/135/8+6 Marianne p+g/45/7+5 Pauala b+b/45/8 Jail p/85# Front Squat/7+5 Terri p+p/65/7+10