Pwr Snatch-DUs/Snatch Pulls-Snatch

Thursday December 4, 2014 ****Reminder, no 6:00pm class tomorrow Friday Dec 5***

!!!CFB 3rd anniversary/holiday party.  Next Saturday December 13 @ 5:00pm!!!  Bring friends and family to share in our success and raise a cup of cheer to our 4th year and the holiday season.

WOD On a continuous running clock of 19 min. AMRAP 3: 3 Power Snatch (135/95) 20 DU Rest 3 minutes AMRAP 4: 4 Power Snatch (115/80) 20 DU Rest 4 minutes AMRAP 5: 5 Power Snatch (95/65) 20 DU

Skill/Strength: EMOM x10 Snatch Pull From Low Hang + Snatch from low hang work up to a heavy set

Warm Up: EMOM Plate Pushes Snatch Balance with PVC KB Push Press Jumping Lunges Burpee Pull Ups Then Burgener

5:00 Mercedes S/60/55/45/11+2 MKMC DU/65/55/45/11 Beetle S/135/115/95/11+6 Jim S/115/95/85/9+11 Reese S/75/75/45/10 Kate S/25/25/25/9 Lisa DU/75/70/65/9+21 Meghan S/65/65/55/10+1 Maggie DU/65/65/55/10+5 Phil S/95/85/75/12+56 Jessica D. Snatch Work

6:00 Katie DU/80/75/65/10+13 Andrea S/40/40/35/12+1 Vin DU/95/85/75/11+5 Denni$ RX/11+2 MMMK DU/65/60/55/10+4 Kathy S/40/35/35/11+5 Jenny S/100/80/65/12+9 Victor S/95/75/65/11+30 Erik DU/125/115/95/8+16 Sean S/85/75/65/9+3 Joe C. S/75/65/55/8+5

7:00 Thee People's Coach DU/95/85/75/11+1 Ron S/115/95/75/9+6 Big Mac DU/95/85/65/10+6

9:00 Bill S/65/65/65/7 Brian S/75/65/55/7+16 Tricia S/55/45/35/Mod. Barbara D/40/35/25/5+28 Matt G. RX/9+17 John Mc. RX/12+7

10:00 Adam s/65/65/65/ 6+8 Mimi s/45/40/35/12+5 MKC s/75/70/70/11+3 Hannah Montana d/65/60/55/12+3 Uncle Jesse RX/10+1 James s/85/85/75/9+3

4:00 Sink S/95/85/75/9+3 Reed S/35/35/25/8+23 Jeremy S/90/90/90/9+3 Jeff S/115/95/75/9+15 Sarah S/50/50/45/13+3 Alex RX/9+7 Carlos S/115/95/75/11+1 Kevin DU's/115/95/95/9+8 Jail DU's/75/65/60/8+6 Tom S/100/85/75/12+30

5:00 Mr. Burns S/75/70/65/7+36 Angie S/25/25/25/9+5 Adrian S/95/75/65/9+5

6:00 Lori S/30/30/25/12+7 David RX/15+4 Mary S/25/25/25/8+15 Drake S/105/95/75/8+43

7:00 Alice S/25/25/25/9+25 Nick S/95/95/95/4+5 Jessica S/95/80/65/11+42