Open Gym/Team WOD/Turkey Trot

380x356xWODpic-e1368027550396.jpg.pagespeed.ic.hOUBFfYMFo Saturday November 29, 2014

Best of Luck to all our Turkey Trotters today!!!

Open Gym 8:00-12:00pm

Team WOD 9:45-10:45

Come on in to get your groove back on.  Start looking forward to next week and get the gravy and stuffing out of your blood.  We will be here all morning.  You can do your own thing or jump in and do the Team WOD.

25 min AMRAP Teams of 4 2 Girls/2 Guys 100 1 arm KB Squat 53/35/18 100 Pull Ups 200 Box Jumps 24/20/20 Step Up 200 S2OH 115/80/65 300 Sit Ups 300 Cal Row 2 team members will work at a station.  Team members may rotate amongst stations but can not move on to a new station until current stations are complete. Only 2 team members per station. *Example-If each pair of partners are on 90 Pull ups and 90 KB Squats, no one can advance to Box Jumps and beyond until all 100 of Pull Ups and KB Squats are complete.  If a pair finished all reps of a movement, then they can advance to next movement.  Work must be done in order, rotate as needed.

Skill/Strength: Team Station Set Up

Warm Up: EMOM Pry Squats Burpee Pull Ups Hang KB Snatches Plate Pushes Jumping Lunges Suicides