Snatch-DUs/Open Gym/No Yoga/No CF Kids/Flag Football Tomorrow/Happy BDay Shelby

[youtube] Wednesday November 26, 2014

We are going to host our own personal Black Wednesday after Open Gym tonight. We will be playing board games and enjoying a libation or two. Hang out after Open Gym or come by after. The more the merrier.

!!!Happy Birthday Shelby!!!

!!!Flag Football tomorrow 8:30am, Beverly Park!!! Bring libations

Open Gym: 6:00-8:00pm NO CF Kids No Yoga

WOD 15 Power Snatches 95/65/45 60 Double unders 12 Power Snatches 115/80/65 80 Double unders 9 Power Snatches 135/105/75 100 Double unders 6 Power Snatches 155/115/90 You will need to set your station with appropriate plates to allow for increase in weight between rounds. You must load your own bar.

Skill/Strength: Mobility (see video)

Warm Up: EMOMx5 Wall Facing Squats Ball Slams Jumping Lunges Burpee Pull Ups

5:00 Mercedes S/45/55/60/60/16:23 Meghan S/55/65/75/80/17:58 Lisa DU's/55/65/75/75/13:55

6:00 Katie DU's/55/65/75/80/13:01 Dan B. DU's/85/95/105/115/11:23 Erik DU's/95/105/115/120/18:35 Vin DU's/65/75/85/95/15:00 Kathy S/25/35/40/40/13:30 Victor S/65/75/85/95/17:38 Denni$ Rx 19:00 Terri S/35/45/55/65/14:10

7:00 Curtis Rx 14:55 Shelby DU's/45/55/65/75/18:09 Gary  Rx 16:16 John Mc Rx 18:43 Mr. Kool Aid S/95/115/120/140/18:16 Beetle S/95/115/135/155/15:44 MKN S/25/35/35/35/12:19 Big Mac DU's/65/75/85/95/16:40 Andrea S/25/35/45/50/14:51

9:00 Aric Rx 14:50 Mark S/55/55/65/65/17:34 B-Rad Mod.(Deadlifts)DU's/185/215/235/265/13:59 Sink S/75/85/95/105/14:43 Jeff  S/65/75/75/95/18:!4 Sarah S/45/50/55/60/10:58 Jenny S/65/75/85/95/9:29 Glitter DU's/65/75/86/95/14:22 Mel DU's/45/55/65/75/16:00 Estela S/15/15/15/35/13:58

10:00 Julio S/95/95/95/95/14:59 James S/75/75/95/95/21:17 Dawn S/45/45/55/55/12:44 Joanna S/45/55/65/65/10:24 Chelsea DU's/55/55/60/65/8:06 MKC  S/55/65/75/80/12:21 Ed  Rx 15:04 Vic Rx 13:20 Nutz S/75/75/95/115/15:58 Hannah Montana DU's/55/65/65/70/16:27 Uncle Jesse DU's/95/115/135/145/22:10 Jessica D. DU's/65/70/75/80/12:08 Ron S/65/75/85/105/17:18 Genelle S/25/29/29/45/15:20 Reed S/15/25/35/35/17:50 Maggie DU's/45/65/75/85/19:21 Matt B. S/95/95/95/95/14:18 Tom S/75/95/95/95/16:47 Amy S/45/45/45/45/8:25