Med Ball Cleans-HRPU-Wall balls/Snatch complex/Happy BDay Sarah

Thursday November 13, 2014

!!!Happy Birthday Sarah Reed!!!

9 min AMRAP 6 Med Ball Cleans 20/14/10 7 HRPU 8 Wall Balls 20/14/10

Skill/Strength: We will set a continuous running clock for 30 min to establish heavy singles of:

OHS Snatch Balance Full Snatch

Use Data from October 28 as a reference to build from. Please log all data in your journal.

Warm Up: Group Dynamic Warm Up Burgener

5:00 Mercedes Rx 6 Kate 10/5+3 Meghan Rx 5+3 Lisa Rx 6+13 Phil Rx 6 Matt B. Rx 8 Dan S. Rx 6+3

6:00 Katie Rx 8 Vin Rx 7+3 Tim Rx 7+1 Sean Rx 7 Erik Rx 8+16 Kathy 10/6+13 Jenny Rx 8+1

7:00 Thee PEople's Coach RX/8+5 Gary RX/ 7+1 Big Mac RX/7+13 Jessica D. Strength Work Michelle 10/7+2

9:00 Ziggy RX/8+13 Chelsea RX/6+6 Eddie RX/9+19 Christopher RX/8+17 Mark 20-10/6+4 Mr. Kool-Aid RX/6+4

10:00 Dawn RX/8 Mimi 14-10/6+7 MKC RX+ 16#/7+5 Meaghan RX/6+2 John Mc. RX/8+3 9-Lives RX/9+4 Ron RX/6 Ed RX/8+20 Metz RX/7+15 Amy RX/6+13 S. Reed RX/4+2 Katie 10/3+6 Kevin 16/8+14

4:00 JoAnna RX/7+18 Mason RX/8 Sink RX/6+6 Joe P RX/8+2 Alex RX/8 Sarah RX/8 James RX/6+9 Bob RX/9 Victoria RX/5+2

5:00 Sewnig RX/8+3 Julie RX/6+1 Jerry 14/6 Sophie 14/10/7 Lindsey RX/8+3

6:00 Lori 10/8 Millertime RX/8 Adrian RX/6+14 Malopy RX+/8+14 Ashley RX+/9 George 16/6 Felipe RX/7+11 Chris RX/8+4

7:00 Catie RX/6+10 Debbie RX/8+4 Matt RX/7+3 Nick R RX/3+9