OHS-T2B/Back Squat-Front Squat/CF Kids Varisty

Monday Frest StartMonday November 3, 2014

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CF Kids:Varsity(13-17 years)5:00-6:00pm

WOD 30-20-10 OHS 95-65-45 T2B

Skill/Strength: 5RM Back Squat 5RM Front Squat Ease up to a solid 5RM

Warm Up: Dynamic Group Warm Up

5:00 Mercedes 45/12:28 Maria 45/k2E/12:29 Kate 25/k2E/12:39 Jessica D. Rx 11:12 Mel 55/k2E/14:29 Lisa Rx 13:26 Wendy 35/Mod./11:44 Meghan 55/k2E/15:23 Bridget 35/k2E/11:38 Phil 75/k2E/19:33

6:00 Katie Rx 10:37 Victor 65/k2E/10:32 Matt G. Rx 11:38 Juliette 35/k2E/7:12 Tim 85/Mod./10:17 Sean 65/10:57 Vin 65/11:53 Michelle 45/k2E/11:02 Kelly B. 25/Mod./9:41 MKN 25/k2E/8:19 Jenny Rx 10:38 Andrea 35/k2E/8:48 Erik Rx 9:18 Kathy 35/Mod./9:40 7:00 Chris Rx 10:58 Thee People's Coach 85/12:03 Hannah Montana 55/k2E/13:08 MKH 45/11:07

9:00 John Mc Rx 10:47 Curtis Rx 10:40 Beetle Rx 8:54 Eddie Rx 8:31 Grande Rx 10:10 Ziggy 55/k2E/10:44 John W. 95/k2E/10:12 Milo 65/k2E/12:56 Mark 55/k2E/10:44 Jess C. 45/k2E/12:20 Bri Guy 45/k2E/11:30

10:00 Ed Rx 13:39 James 75/14:15 MKC 55/11:28 Uncle Jesse Rx 11:16 Metz 45/9:00 Tracy 55/k2E/12:03 Fred Rx 6:32

4:00 Jail Rx/ 12:21 Sink 75/10:30 JoAnna 55/10:36 Nat 15/K2E/11:00 Ron 65/13:24 Sarah 15/K2E/9:55 Lindsey Rx/13:33 Alex Rx/8:53

6:00 Coffey Rx/10:39 Ashley Rx/6:49 David Rx/9:10 Lori FS 65/9:29 Shelby 25/10:37 Dawn 55/10:39 Alice 15/ K2E/11:16 Jon V. Rx/8:23 Priscilla 15/K2E/10:41 Jeff 35/KR/7:16 Matt Rx/13:10 Nick R 65/KR/15:12

7:00 Christine 35/12:13 Nick Rx/13:03 Dan Mod 95/11:15 Erik 55/18:55 Sarah 45/K2C/9:18 Carolyn 45/15:56 Jackie 85/11:41