Row-T2B-Deads/TnG Clean Work/Las Fuentas Tonight

Thursday October 16, 2014 Today is the day Las Fuentas has dedicated to donating proceeds of sales to CreatiVets. This offer is good throughout the lunch and dinner hours. Las Fuentas has generously offered to donate 15% of total check to CreatiVets. We will be meeting as a group for dinner at 6:oopm. This outing serves two purposes, 1. Raise extra funds for CreatiVets, and 2. Celebrate Coach Julie's Birthday. if you can please join us for a CFB Mexican night out. If you can't join us and you are in the neighborhood for lunch, please consider stopping in. Make sure to mention CreatiVets and/or CrossFit Beverly to apply the donation.

Also, tomorrow is Julie's B-Day. She wants to celebrate at Howl at the Moon, downtown. Free admission before 9pm. Julie will be there around 7 to start the festivities.

WOD 30 Cal Row 30 T2B 30 Deadlifts 225/155/110

Skill/Strength: For 3 minutes establish a max set of unbroken TnG Squat Cleans, 135/105/75 Rest 3 minutes For 3 minutes establish a max set of unbroken TnG Squat Cleans, 165/115/85 Rest 3 minutes For 3 minutes establish a max set of unbroken TnG Squat Cleans, 185/135/105 No resting on the ground or the hang. Resting in the front rack is OK.

Warm Up: Group Dynamic Warm Up

5:00 Mercedes 105/7:42 Debbie 115/7:19 Chuck 185/8:30 Dan S. 205/7:08 Lisa RX/9:13 Meghan 105/8:01 Jessica D. snatch Kate 55/8:42

6:00 Beetle RX/5:35 Erik RX/7:46 Dan B. RX/7:22 Victor 165/7:04 Chris 205/8:11 Jenny RX/8:21 Kathy 65/9:57 Michelle 85/9:28

7:00 Thee People's Coach RX/8:12 Hannah Montana 135/10:24 Matt C. 225/8:51 Gary RX/8:36 JoAnn 85/10:18 Matt G. RX/9:15

9:00 Ron 145/9:22 Ziggy 65/6:35 Sonntag 205/7:27 Curtis RX/6:28 Eddie O'K. RX/6:38 Chris RX/6:38 Jess C. 95/8:34 Mark 135/8:09

10:00 John W. 225/9:07 MKC 135/8:24 9-Lives RX+ (235#)/6:16 Eddie O'R. RX/4:53

4:00 Dan M Rx 7:48 MKMC 155/8:30 Joanna 135/8:49 Lynne Mod 7:05 Sink 185/7:27 Victoria 105/8:02 Milo 165/7:34

5:00 Julie 135 w/20#Vest/9:53 Felipe 135/9:25 George 105/9:43 Dawn 125/7:20

6:00 Mr. Burns 85/6:28 Malopy Rx 5:05 Fred  Rx+235/5:28 Lori 125/8:05 Catie 105/6:43 Jackie Rx 6:59 Paula 105/7:47 Nick R 95/9:01

7:00 Matt B 205/8:47 Rigo 95/8:01 Jes W Rx/7:28