DUs-OH Squat-BJ Overs/NO CF Kids Today/Yoga

Wednesday October 15, 2014 Tomorrow is the day Las Fuentas has dedicated to donating proceeds of sales to CreatiVets. This offer is good throughout the lunch and dinner hours. Las Fuentas has generously offered to donate 15% of total check to CreatiVets. We will be meeting as a group for dinner at 6:oopm. This outing serves two purposes, 1. Raise extra funds for CreatiVets, and 2. Celebrate Coach Julie's Birthday. if you can please join us for a CFB Mexican night out. If you can't join us and you are in the neighborhood for lunch, please consider stopping in. Make sure to mention CreatiVets and/or CrossFit Beverly to apply the donation.

!!!No CF Kids Today!!! Open Gym: 6:00-8:00pm Yoga: 8:00-9:00pm

WOD 50 DUs 18 1 Arm OH KB Squats 53/44/35 18 BJ Overs 24/20/16 40 DUs 15 1 Arm OH KB Squats 53/44/35 15 BJ Overs 24/20/16 30 DUs 9 1 Arm OH KB Squats 53/44/35 9 BJ Overs 24/20/16 20 DUs 6 1 Arm OH KB Squats 53/44/35 6 BJ Overs 24/20/16 10 DUs 3 1 Arm OH KB Squats 53/44/35 3 BJ Overs 24/20/16

Skill/Strength: Mobility

Warm Up: Group Dynamic Warm Up/ Stretch

5:00 Meghan S/18/20/12:53 Ziggy S/20/20/12:31

6:00 Katie DUs/27/20/13:36 MKN S/4/16/11:09 Dan B. DUs/35/24/12:46 Kelly S/4/20/17:51 Terri S/4/20/14:50 Jenny S/27/20/12:51 Kathy S/20/20/15:01 MKH DUs/4/20/14:27 John L. S/20/24/13:07 Michelle S/4/18/14:52

7:00 Hannah Montana DUs/27/20/14:00

9:00 Sully S/10/24/15:37 Vin DUs/27/24/13:59 Nola DUs/20/18/18:00 Barbara S/18/24/16:51 John Mc DUs/44/24/14:37 Eddie DUs/44/24/9:52

10:00 Joanna S/27/20/13:51 Kelly S/20/20/13:31 Dawn S/10/20/15:00 Jon V. Rx 14:24 MKC S/20/20/13:44 Simeko S/20/2/15:53 Dan S. S/25/24/15:43 Nutz S/25/24/14:38