Sprint-Deads-DUs/Snatch Pulls-MUs

Unbroken Shawn Curtis_1 Thursday October 9, 2014

WOD 7 Rounds In 3 mins complete 200m Run 7 Deadlifts @ 75% 1RM ITTR Max reps DUs

Skill/Strength: Muscle Up 10 min Work for 20 Muscle Ups (Work on level you can perform) -Ring -Bar -Burpee C2B

EMOMx12 3 Position Pause Snatch Pull at 1RM Snatch Pause for 3 seconds at each position then jump and shrug Pos. 1 - just below knees, work for vertical shins and back in full extension Pos. 2 - above knees, work for shoulders over the bar, bar pulled into thighs Pos. 3 - Pockets, work for vertical torso, knees forward and weight in mid-foot

Warm Up: Dynamic Group Warm Up Burgener

5:00 Mercedes 130/DU's=78 Ryan 275/DU's=390 Chuck 225/DU's=21 Lisa 115/DU's=345 Kate 60/S=360(120) Jessica D. (lifting) Katie 155/DU's=70

6:00 Beetle 275/DU's=115 Vin 185/DU's=210 Erik 240/DU's=80 Matt G. 305/DU's=40 Juliette 75/S=991(330) Tim 205/S=692(230) MKN 35/S=446(148) Kathy 65/S=290(96)

7:00 Mac 155/DU's=105 9-Lives 255/DU's=293 Thee People's Coach 235/DU's=373

9:00 Eddie O'K. 235/d/467 John Mc. 295/d/ 183 Sully 135/s/546 (182) MKC 105/s/783 (261) Simeko 115/s/333(111) Mark 135/s/477(159) Jess C. 95/s/447(149) Barbara 45/d/155 Nola 55/D/390(130) Chelsea 105/d/212 Tricia- Row 4000 meters

10:00 Uncle Jesse 225/d/205 Hannah Montana 145/d/203 Ed O'R. 315/d/95 John W. 225/s/153 (51) James 165/s/270 (90) Jim S. 145/s/390 (130) Roz 225/mod Meaghan 105/s/351 (117) Nutz 175/d/102 Jon V. 245/d/110 Dan S. 195/d/99

4:00 Carlos 195/S/623 (207) Dan M 205/S/460 (153) Joanna 145/S/756 (252) Mason 165/D/290 Jail 120/D/91 Lynne 35/S/300 (100) Alex 275/D/64 Sarah 85/S/1146 (382)

5:00 Mankow 335 (3 Rounds) 405 (4 Rounds) S/??? Mr. Burns 95/S/471 (157) Coffey 295/D/224 Sophie 115/D/115

6:00 Lori 135/S/437(163) Catie 105/S/225 (75) Julie 155/D/122 Dawn 105/S/770 (257) Malopy 275/D/225

7:00 Nick 280/D/? Christine 135/D/44 Nick R 105/S/30 (10) Marianne 85/S/260 (87) Carolyn 100/D/109 Matt 205/D/88