CreatiVets, Come One, Come All

Saturday October 4, 2014 Today we are pleased to run our CreatiVets Fundraiser. The doors open at 8:00am and we will be running heats of 4 teams for the partner WODs every Hour.  We will spread Mini WODs throughout the day.  We will have tables set up for silent auction items.  We hope you all consider making bids on all our items as every dollar will go directly to the CreatiVets Foundation.   We will have a Split the Pot, and prizes for Mini WODs.  We have a DJ lined up to keep the mood up and fun for everyone.  Examples of Mini WODs will be, Max Time Plank Holds, Max Sit ups in 60 sec, Max Pull Ups in 60 sec.  $5 buy in for the Mini WODs.  A $40 donation will get you an official CrossFit For CreatiVets T-Shirt. Please share with your friends and family as this is open to anyone, CrossFit or not.  If you are new to CrossFIt Beverly and plan to participate please fill out our Online Waiver here, Thanks, we look forward to a great turnout for a great cause.


WOD "Pet Rock" Teams of 2 20 min AMRAP 200 m Med Ball Run 20/14/10 20 Partner Wall Ball Throws 20/14/10 20 OH Med Ball Lunges 20/14/10 20 Ball Slams 40/30/20

The med ball may NEVER touch the ground. Anytime ball hits the ground teams must stop and perform 5 burpees. Partners will run together on 200 m sharing duties of carrying the med ball. Once back from run partners will set up on either side of the squat rack and toss med ball over 7 ft high bar. If med ball hits the floor 5 burpees. Then while one partner performs OH lunges teammate will hold a plank, switch up as needed. Teams will have a separate slam ball. One teammate will perform ball slams while partner holds med ball in a Paleo Chair. Switch work as needed. Score will be total rounds and reps after 20 minutes.