Curtis T2B, 2014 Granite Games Tuesday Sept 30, 2014

Paleo Challenge Day 29/30

Our CreatiVets fundraiser is this coming Saturday October 4.  We will be running partner WODs and Mini WODs throughout the day.  To help with the fundraising efforts for donations to CreatiVets we will have tables set up for silent auction items.  We are fortunate to get donations and contributions from companies, both local and national to help with our fundraising efforts. Some  local businesses who have been so kind and generous; Horse Thief Hollow, Running Excels, Everything Relative Salon, Las Fuentas, Kurek Automotive to name a few.  We also have donations from Rx bars, Progenex and perhaps our most generous donor, Hylete. A $40 donation will get you an official CrossFit For CreatiVets T-Shirt. Please share with your friends and family as this is open to anyone, CrossFit or not.

WOD 16 min AMRAP 8 T2B 8 Thrusters 75/55/35 8 OH Lunges 45/25/15

Skill/Strength: 3 Rounds 20 unbroken C2B Pull ups rest as needed between sets If you have C2B but must break them up, use a band to assist.

Warm Up: 3 min DUs Group Dynamic Warm Up/Stretch

5:00 Mercedes Rx 5+10 Kate 40/10/7+8 Debbie Rx 6+5 Melissa 35/10/7+8 Meghan 55/25/5+12 Lisa Rx 7 Bridget 35/10/6+12 Rich 45/10/7+8

6:00 Katie Rx 5+14 Terri Rx 7+1 Matt C. 75/45/5+2 Tim 75/35/7 Victor Rx 5+5 Erik Rx 8+3 Wendy 55/25/7+8 Denni$ 135(Mod.)/4 Michelle 35/10/6+16 Kathy 35/15/5+12 Vin Rx 6+6 Andrea 45/15/7+16 Dan B. Rx 8+18 Jenny Rx 7+4 Juliette 35/15/7+10

7:00 Matt G. Rx 6+8 OJD Rx 6+4 Mac Rx 6+10

9:00 John Mc  RX/8+10 John W. 75/35/K2E/7+8 Sully 65/25/5 Matt H. 75/45/K2E/ 5+8 Grande  RX/8+4 Tricia Mod./6+12

10:00 Joanna RX/6+12 James 75/35/5+8 MKC RX/6+3 Adam 75/45/K2E/5+9 Dan S. 75/25/5+10 Dawn RX/6+5 Nutz 75/25/6+11 Hannah Montana RX/6+6 Uncle Jesse RX/8+8 Tracy RX/6+3 Meaghan 45/25/K2E/5+5 Amy 45/25/6+15 Metz 45/25/6+9

4:00 Dan RX/6 Jim RX/5+14 Jail RX/6+1 MiMi 45/8+22 Joe P. RX/8+1 Kelly RX/6 MKMC RX/6+2 Eddie RX/9+23 Sarah 55/6+15 Lindsey RX/7+3

5:00 Sophie RX/6 Shelby RX/7+17

6:00 Shawn RX/9+1 Marianne 35/10/6+12 Ed O' RX/8 Malopy (mod) 7+11 Tony 65/15/5+9 Caitlin RX/5+2

7:00 Jackie RX/10+1 Christine RX/7+3 Matt B. RX/7+13 Nick R. 55/15/ 5+8 Nick RX/ 8+4