Deads and DUs/Squats and more Deads/CF Kids Varsity Only

Wonka Dead and SquatMonday September 8, 2014

Paleo Challenge Day 7/30

CF Kids: Varsity (13-17 years)5:00-6:00pm

First Day of On-Ramp:6:30-7:45pm

WOD 12 min EMOM Odd: 7 Deadlifts Choose a weight which will challenge you for 6 rounds Even: 50 Double unders (Advanced-Unbroken, if Broken start again)

Skill/Strength: Back Squats 7x5 across No less than 70%

Deadlift 10 minutes to establish heavy 3

Warm Up: 400 m Run Dynamic Stretch Band Mobility

5:00 Mercedes 105/S/12 Maria 85/S/12 Kate 60/S/12 Bridget 45/S/12 Hannah Montana 115/12 Chuck 185/S/7 Joanna 125/S/12 Meghan 95/S/12 Jessica D. 160/12 Wendy 115/S/12 Melissa 75/S/12

6:00 Matt G. 275/4 Juliette 75/S/12 Jose 145/S/12 Gwen 85/S/7 Katie 165/7 Andrea 95/S/12 Mary Kate 145/11.5 Grande 225/S/12 Victor 185/S/12 Jenny 200/S/12 Erik 255/S/4 Michelle 85/S/6 Denni$205/4 Kathy 55/S/12

7:00 Thee People's Coach 225/12 MK 105/12

9:00 Bill 205/S/11 Janelle 125/S/6 Ron 115/S/6 Craig 225/12 Tim 155/S/12 Sully 95/S/12 Dan S. 165/S/12 Milo 165/S/12

10:00 Metz 95/S/11 Dawn 105/S/6 Meaghan 105/S/6 Ed 225/12 Terri 105/6 Uncle Jesse 225/12 Nutz 155/S/12

4:00 Kelly 135/S/10 Mason 215/12 Alex 185 Cleans/12 Joe P 205/6 Chris E 215/S-3 Rds DU/9 Sink 135/S/6 Jackie 165/12 T3 225/8

6:00 Jilie 155/11 Lori 105/S/6 Ashley 85/8 Dan M 205/S/6 Jail 135/S/12 Coffey 225/12 Christine Mod/S/12 Alice 85/S/6 Sarah 85/S/12 Simeko 105/10 Caitlin 85/S/12 Paula 115/mod/12 Jess 95/6 MKC 95/12

7:00 Matt B 225/S/12 Glenna 105/S Dave M 225/7 Jes W 205/S/12 Catie 105/S/10 Carolyn 125/S/12 Ricky 135/6