Rest/Open Gym/Open Test for Paleo Challenge/Happy BDay Mary

skinny Sunday August 31, 2014

!!!Happy Birthday Mary M!!!


Tomorrow, Monday Sept 1, Labor Day, we will run an abridged am schedule (8-12pm.)  The format will be Open Gym with us running the Paleo Challenge WOD on the hour.  For those who would like to get the WOD in tomorrow we will warm up and do some mobility before starting the WOD at :30 past the hour.  If you choose to come in for the Challenge WOD, please treat this as any other class and arrive on the hour for warm up.  If you would like to attend in an Open Gym capacity, arrive whenever, but yield to those performing the Challenge WOD.

The Paleo Challenge begins Tuesday.  I trust, for those of you participating, you are ready to begin.  So far we have a solid base of participants.  This just sweetens the pot for prizes.  For those of you who have been measured and not paid the $50 buy in, please do so before Tuesday.  You can place money on my desk with you name on a Post-It note if I am not here.  Also I have reconsidered my stance on yoga not being included as a point for attendance.  We have revised the scoring with the app, so here is the new scoring structure. How to get points?: Points are awarded through 4 elements of the contest. Daily attendance, daily meal logs as provided by the Paleo Challenge app (link here. IPhone and Android) Percentage of body weight lost based on a pre and post challenge weigh in and caliper measurements, percentage of improvement from pre challenge to post challenge workout.

WOD attendance has a potential for 26 points.  There are 26 regular scheduled WODs, including Saturday Team WOD, during the challenge.  Sunday Open Gym does not qualify for points. However, Open Gym Wednesday will count for points to equal the playing field for PMers with AMers.   Attendance is within the walls of CFB or a sanctioned CFB event outside the box.  No remote locations will be accepted.  (Sorry firefighters.  You will need to make up points from duty days in another capacity.) However everyone gets points for all the classes they do attend.  26 is the max and 2-a-days don’t count as extra days.

Percentage of fat lost based on the measurements done before and after will carry 50 points for 1st place, 40 for second, 30 for 3rd, 20 for 4th, 10 for 5th.

The WOD. The rules are percentage of best improved scores on day 30.  This will carry 25 pts for 1st, 20 for 2nd, 15 for 3rd, 12 for 4th, and 9 for 5th place.  It is very important to do your best on day 1 as well as day 30. While there is a potential for sandbagging day 1, we want to see a legitimate improvement in performance from day 1 to day 30.

Daily diet: By using the Paleo Challenge app, we can monitor and penalize points based on the submissions from each athlete each day. Please be honest in your logging. Once we have calculated your score from attendance, WOD results and pre/post measurements we will add/subtract points based on logged results in the app.

CF Kids resumes this Wednesday.  JV at 4:15-4:50pm and Varsity at 5:00-6:00pm.

On-Ramp begins next Monday September 8 at 6:30pm.  Please share with your friends/family.  Any friend or family member who attends On-Ramp rewards you with 25% off your next month membership fees.

September is going to be a squat month.  We will be squatting in some variety 75% of the time throughout September.  While we will still incorporate Met Cons and keep you running, we want to start prepping for our winter strength cycle.  We are going to initiate the strength cycle a bit earlier this year so we can begin Games Open training earlier.

When the Box is open for classes the Box is open for you to work on auxiliary work.  Strength, skill, gymnastics.  The back (from the turf) is open to practice outside of WODs.  We encourage everyone to come in with any free time and get extra work in.  Just check in with a coach and let them know you will not be joining the WOD.  But please, yield to athletes performing the WOD.  They have dibs on gear.

Another issue we need to address is putting away gear after WODs or training in back.  The coaches are not here to clean up the equipment you pull out.  Please respect the work they do do in keeping classes running and coaching.  Lately there is a lot of stuff getting left out.  Primarily this happens in the back lifting area.  Barbells and bumpers are to be returned to their respective places.  Barbells do not remain on squat racks, but rather in the holsters around the gym.  Bumper plates go back on rolling racks and competition bumpers go on skewers on squat racks.  We keep each squat rack with 2 45's, 2 35's, and 2, 25's of comp bumpers. Bands do not hang from pull up rig after a class.  Everything should be returned to where you got it when you arrived.  Do a sweep of your station before you leave, used tape wads, chalk blocks and all equipment.  Please respect the coaches and athletes participating behind you.

If you have any questions and/or concerns, feel free to share with us.  We are here to make your CFB experience the best we can.  You can email for feedback within 48 hours.  All comments are confidential and we are willing to hear all items which can make CFB the best it can be.  We can not fix or help if we don't know there are issues.