DUs, Lots of DUs, oh and Burpees/ Pull Up Pauses and Ring Dips

Tuesday August 26, 2014 Paleo Challenge Briefing at 6:30pm tomorrow, Wednesday.

WOD 15 min Cap 300 DUs/900 Singles EMOM 5 Burpees

Skill/Strength Pull Up Pauses Advanced add weight belt 3 x 3 Hold 3 Sec Top of Pull Up

Ring Dips 5 x 5 Advanced add weight belt

Warm Up: 500 m Sprint Men 1:45 or less/Women 2:10 or less Group Dynamic Warm Up/Stretch Band Mobility

5:00 Mercedes S/828 Maria S/775 Jen P. S/452 Meghan S/705 Chuck S/559 David S/523 Dan S. S/687 Melissa S/553 Ryan Rx 7:42 Kate S/450 Bridget S/475

6:00 Matt G. s/12:52 Jose s/450 AMy H. s/8:56 Katie RX/11:41 Michelle s/458 Dennis RX/9:53 Glenna s/502 Kathy s/750 Dan B.RX/11:38 Jenny s/10:51 Erik s/10:50 MKN s/12:00 Andrea s/630 Vin s/10:30

7:00 Dave RX/7:41 Mac  s/9:56 Jessica D.  RX/6:58 MK  RX/8:40

9:00 Curtis RX/6:23 John Mc. RX/11:47 Christopher s/12:46 Mark s/220 Nola s/784 Eddie RX/9:50

10:00 Ed RX/9:54 Joanna s/10:29 James s/806 Metz s/13:57 Dawn s/858 MKC s/11:58 Uncle Jesse RX/9:58 Jon V. s/700 Tracy s/13:55 Amy s/700

4:00 Joe P RX/11:49 Sew s/10:58 Jail s/13:48 Jim S. s/490 Chris s/9:54 Dan M. s/12:52 Carlos s/888 MKMc. RX/11:53 Tricia Mod./15:00 row 3000 meters

5:00 Julie Mod. d/sit ups/8:26 Christine s/12:54 Barbara s/11:30 Sophia s/13:56 Ashley RX/248

6:00 Drake s/886 Lori s/14:27 Malopy Rx/5:26 Wolverine Rx/7:50

7:00 Catie s/13:30 Sarah s/10:51 Matt s/6:55 Jackie Rx/11:55