Team WOD/Barbell Club/Play For Maeve

Talent-TeamworkSaturday August 2, 2014

Open Gym: 8:00-9:30

Team WOD: 9:30-10:45

Barbell Club:10:00-12:0pm

We will be running a CFB Kids class at the 10th Annual Play For Maeve today,  1:15-1:45.  Please join us and help support a fantastic organization.  For more info on today's activities and the history of the event clic here.

Teams of 4 2Girls/2Guys 0:00:00 30,000# Deadlifts 200 cal Row

14:00:00 AMRAP 20 T2B Wall Balls Power Snatches 95/65/45 200 m Plate Pinch Run 25x2/15x2/10x2

Perform Deadlifts and Row together. Each team member must Deadlift and Row. Post finish time or total weight and Cals burned. If finished, rest until 14:00 mark. For the AMRAP each team member works at a station and rotates once Plate pinches return to building. Log total reps of T2B/Wall Balls/Power Snatch.

Warm Up: 800 m Run Group Dynamic Warm Up/Stretch Band Mobility