Thrusters-DUs/Bring Sally Up/CF Kids/Play For Maeve Tomorrow

Never QuitFriday August 1, 2014

Please join us at the 10th Annual Play For Maeve at Beverly Park tomorrow, Saturday August 2. We will be running a CF Kids class at 1:15 open to all who would like to attend.

Barbell Club tomorrow, Saturday at 10:00am

CF Kids: JV (6-12 years) 11:10-11:45am Varsity (13-17 years) 12:00-1:00pm

22 min cap 100 Thrusters 75/55/35 Anytime bar is put down/dropped 5 Burpees Then 100 DUs Anytime stopped or tripped up 3 Pull Ups

Skill/Strength: Bring Sally Up 135/95/65

Warm Up: 400 m Run Group Dynamic Warm Up/Stretch Band Mobiity

5:00 Mercedes 35/S/15:06 Maria 35/S/ 19:28 Mel 45/ 109 reps Meghan 55/S/ 390 reps Victor 65/S/19:24 Ed O Rx 18:30 Jakeshia 35/S/259 reps

6:00 Michelle 35/S/117 reps Dan B Rx 19:04 Dennis Rx 18:00

7:00 Jess D Rx 14:33 Beetle 75/S/15:39 Erin 45/S/112 Matt H 75/S/163 Mac 65/S/19:31

9:00 The People's Coach 65/DU's/16:07 Ben 75/S/350 Angie 35/S/272 John Mc Rx 15:17 Sarah 45/S/20:57 Miguel Rx 15:17 Curtis Rx 17:00 KimPossible 35/S/289

10:00 Hannah Rx 190 Mal 55/S/15:24 MKC 45/S/20:58 Caitlin 45/S/20:14 Mankow 75/S/18:19 Jesse Rx 16:02 Tom 75/S/311 Dan S. 45/S/286 Matt B. 65/87 Jen P. 45/S/20:57 Joanna 55/S/19:59

4:00 Randall 75/s/200 Carlos 55/s/21:21 Tricia 45/s/310 MKM 45/s/16:30 Lindsey 55/d/18:14 Dawn 45/s/356

5:00 Ashley RX/14:08 Chris 75/s/16:50 Alice 35/s/15:14 Mary 15/s/18:20 Joe 75/s/128 Jail 45/s/19:22

6:00 Debbie 45/s/16:40 Mo RX/ 17:00