Snatch-T2B & DUs/CF Kids/On-Ramp Tonight

Monday July 28, 2014 CF Kids: JV (6-12 years) 11:10-11:45am Varsity (12-17 years) 12:00-1:00pm

On-Ramp begins tonight: 6:45-7:45pm

WOD 3 Rounds 10 Power Snatches 105/75/55 10 T2B Then 100 DUs

Skill/Strength: Back Squat 7x2 @ 90%, Across Use 3 sets of warm up to build up to 90%

Warm Up: 800 m Run Group Dynamic Warm Up/Stretch Band Mobility

5:00 Jessica D. Mod/60#/d/ 11:29 Tom 65/s/ 12:58 Mercedes 45/s/8:32 Chris 105/s/8:20 Beetle RX/10:02 Wendy 45/s/10:03 Melissa 35/s/8:13 Debbie 55/d/9:50 Jakeshia 45/s/10:04 Lisa 65/d/8:37

6:00 Dennis RX/7:50 Bridget 25/s/9:02 Erik 105/s/8:47 Mary Kay 25/s/8:32 Dan RX/8:53 Michelle 45/s/9:49

7:00 Mac 75/9:05 Jose 55/9:27 Kate 45/s/10:43 Sarah 25/s/7:20 P. Middy RX/7:29 Mary Ann 35/s/13:09

9:00 Bill 75/s/12:55 Dave RX/ 10:27 Tammy 55/11:05 Milo 75/10:37 Tim 75/10:05 Erin 55/8:50

10:00 Jen P. 55/s/12:46 Carlos 75/s/10:34 Hannah 55/11:11 Nutz 75/s/10:17 Lynne Mod./30/s/9:20 Julio 95/s/11:18 Tricia Mod./55/s/11:50 Matt H. 75/s/11:29 James 75/s/10:57 Fred RX+ 135#/7:42

4:00 Matt B. 105#/s/10:38 Kelly 55/s/11:45 Ed O'R. RX/7:07 Randall RX+ 107#/9:45 Mallory 65/s/8:07 Victoria 45/s/10:54 Meghan 55/s/10:27 Ricky 65/d/10:02

6:00 Lori 30#/s/9:27 Joanna 55/8:55 Ashley RX/7:56 Alice 45/s/10:19 Chris 105/s/9:58 Mary 25/s/11:22 Dan 95/s/9:53  (Dan got his first full rope climb today!!  He was feeling pretty good about himself, that is until his young daughter climbed the rope.....twice!!  Congrats Dan and daughter!!) Curtis RX+ 115#/6:29 MKC 55/s/8:37 Dawn 45/s/10:41

7:00 Shawn RX/ 6:58 Carolyn 60/d/11:46 Caitlin 55/s/8:27 MK 55/d/7:54 Jim RX/6:53