WLC WOD-ReTest/CF Kids

CommittmentMonday June 30, 2014

CF Kids: JV:11:10-11:45am Varsity noon-1:00pm

Babysitting available today 9:00-11:00am $2 per child.

We will have an abridged schedule this week for 4th of July. Thursday July 3: All normal am classes, NO pm classes Friday July 4: Special mid morning schedule: 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 sessions only.  No CF Kids We have a special plan for today.  Come on in and find out what we have in store. Saturday July 5: Open Gym 8:00-9:30/ Team WOD 9:30-11:00/NO Barbell Club Sunday July 6: Open Gym 9:00-11:00

WOD Compare to April 30, 2014 Whole Life Challenge WOD 11 min cap 800 m Run 75 Air Squats 50 Sit Ups 25 Push Ups ITR-Burpees

Skill/Strength: Strict Press 3 Rounds x 3 reps 85% 1RM across*

Front Squat 5 rounds x 3 reps across* Use data of 3's from June 23, 2014 * maintain same weight throughout. No increases in weight.

Warm Up: 700 m Row Group Dynamic Warm Up Band Mobility

5:00 Mercedes Rx/162 Wendy Rx/156 Maria Rx/159 Jessica D. Mod.(Row)/177 Melissa  Rx/153

6:00 Matt G. Rx/162 Jack  Rx/155 Victor Rx/171 Dan B. Rx/191 Erik  Rx/176 Katie Rx/163 Jenny Rx/162 Natalie Mod.(Row)/118 Dennis Rx/145 Vin Rx/175 Michelle  Rx/141

7:00 Tammy Rx /148 Lynne Mod./137 Shelby  Rx/ 166 Kate Rx /125 Meghan F. Rx/ 140 Tim Rx /158

9:00 Curtis Rx/185 Eddie Rx/193 John Mc Rx/167 Mark Rx/154 Matt C. Rx/140 Richie Rx/175 Pat Rx/175 Mike L. Rx/145 Bill Mod./156 Bernie Rx/178 Jen  Rx/163 Emily Rx/163

10:00 Chris E. Rx/191 Carlos  Rx/177 Hannah Rx/188 Mal Rx/188 Beetle Rx/189 Jesse Rx/180 Lindsey Rx/180 Tricia Mod./99 James Rx/161 MKC Rx/162 Dawn Rx/154 Metz Rx/175 Dan S. Rx/156 Caitlin Rx/158 Kim Rx/155 Jon V. Rx/169

4:00 Dave Rx/184 Ray Rx/194 Kelly Rx/152 Christine Rx/169 9-Lives Rx 186 Alex Rx 188 Mason Rx 202 Dave G Rx/ 157 Ben Rx 175 Sophie Rx 170 Adrian Rx 161 Felipe Rx 167 Dan M Rx 160 Terri Rx 168 Kevin C Rx 160 John W Row/132 Barb Rx 157 Meghan Rx 156

6:00 Mankow Rx/160 Lori Rx 176 Mel Rx 152 Jes W Rx 154 Craig Rx 172 Malopy Rx 195 Matt B Rx 175 Ed O Rx 166 Paula 123 Drake Rx 150 Matt Sz Rx 171 Dave M Rx 210 Shit Break Rx 173

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