Ohhh, Met Con-Deadlifts/CF Kids-Varsity

Monday June 16, 2014 CF Kids: Varsity (13-17 years) 5:00-6:00

Beginning tomorrow we will offer an 11:30am Power Yoga class with Kiley.

WOD 5 Rounds 200 m Run 10 HRPU 40 DUs

Skill/Strength: Deadlifts 10 rounds x 3 Reps *Across 80% 1RM TnG (Touch and Go) Try not to use alternate grip but rather work on grip strength during today. *Do not add weight, stay at 80% throughout.

Warm Up: 800 m Run Group Dynamic Warm Up/DROM Band Mobiltiy

5:00 Beetle S/11:05 Mankow S/11:43 Melissa S/16:17 Meghan S/15:45 Michelle S/17:40 Mercedes S/15:34 Debbie S/12:17 Jessica D. Rx/10:40 Wendy S/18:34

6:00 Matt G. S/12:43 Felipe S/12:15 George S/13:10 Sean S/13:07 Victor S/11:30 Jenny S/12:36 Dennis Rx/13:20 Dan B. Rx/12:07 Vin S/11:25

7:00 Kevin S/15:43 Kate S/17:57

9:00 Lynne Mod./14:59 9 Lives Rx/10:02 Lucy Rx/16:25 John Mc Rx/12:34 Terri Rx/16:02 Dan Mc S/15:37 Lindsey Rx/11:36 Erin S/16:39 Kenyatta S/18:25 KimPossible S/19:10 Mark S/19:30 Dave Rx/10:48

10:00 Jesse Rx/13:07 Hannah Rx/16:13 Mr. Burns S/16:15 MKC S/14:43 Eddie Rx/10:02 Allen S/15:00 Angie S/20:04 Mallory S/13:14 Chelsea Rx/14:44 Phil S/13:28 Joanna S/15:05 Ed Rx/15:59 Caitlin S/15:48 Tracy S/17:24 Clint S/20:28 Julio S/17:05

4:00 Adrian Rx 12:47 Matt B S/ 10:42 Chris E S/ 11:45 Christine S/ 12:07 Dan M S/ 12:53 Kelly S/ 13:05 Ray Rx 12:16 Mason Rx 11:08 Sara S/ 13:10 Matt H Rx 14:54

6:00 Lori Rx13:35 Malopy Rx 11:05 Ashley Rx 11:56 Mel Rx 19:05 Ed O 14:17 Drake S/ 18:01 Jail S/ 14:29 Maria S/15:38 Jakeshia S/ 19:49 Kathy S/ 18:31

7:00 Catie S/ 17:34 Sonntag Rx 12:29 MK Rx 11:35

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