DUs-Pull Ups-Push Ups

Tuesday June 10, 2014 WOD 5 Rounds 50 DU's 15 Pull-Ups 15 HRPU

Skill/Strength: Strict HSPU 3 rounds x 10 reps *Work as best as you can. If you have not/or are not comfortable being upside down, use today to try. IF you do not have a strict HSPU, work with Abmats and progression.

Dips Matador or Rings 3 rounds x 10 reps

Warm Up: 800 m Indian Run 14# med ball As a Group Walking Lunges 15 Jumping Jacks 15 Burpees Dynamic Stretch/Warm Up 5 min Band Mobility

5:00 Katie DU's/b+r/17:37 Melissa S/b+r/17:22 Debbie S/r/16:20 Jessica D. Mod./16:43 Lisa DU's/b+r/17:40 Meghan S/b+r/18:08 Matt C. S/g/17:07 Chris M. S/16:30 Beetle  S/14:05 Chuck S/22:43 Matt H. DU's/20:33

6:00 Victor S/14:04 Vin DU/B/16:03 Dennis RX/18:02 Vic RX/9:18 Michelle S/B&G/19:57 Jenny S/18:53 Erik S/16:45 PMiddy RX/9:26 Thea GRANITE GAMES WOD Andrea S/G/18:00 MKN S/B&R/16:14

7:00 Eddie RX/ 12:52 Lynne Mod./15:17 Dan S. S/19:16 Jason O. RX/15:24 Kate S/18:14 Tim S/B/16:09

9:00 Richie S/14:34 Tricia Mod./22:24 Curtis RX/ 9:10 Milo S/14:11 Grande S/13:53

10:00 Amy S/24:31 Nutz S/15:43 Jesse RX/15:33 Allen S/20:43 John W. S/21:08 MKC S/16:25 Meaghan S/16:23 Barbara S/18:05 Metz S/24:31 Tracy S/20:50 Dawn S/22:44 Caitlin S/17:44 Lindsey RX/18:32 Nola S/24:23

4:00 9-Lives Rx 14:21 Ray Rx 15:13 Jon (S) 14:14 Kelly (S) Green-Purple/17:00 Ron (S) Green/ 19:50 Jennifer P (S) Green/17:43 Cronin Da Barbarian (S) 12:11 Shelby (S) Red-Blue/16:03 Phil (S) 16:16 Carlos (S) 16:49 Ed O Rx 15:24 Amy H (S) Red-Blue/11:13 Alex (S) 17:19 Matt B (S) Blue/12:37

5:00 Julie mod. Red-Purple-Blue/20:47 Glitter Rx 20:26 Adrian Rx 17:10 James (S) Red 15:43 Kevin (S) Blue-Purple/18:51 Jack (S) Green/16:48 Juliette (S) Red-Blue/16:02 Matt G Rx 19:25 Kathy (S) Blue-Red/21:13

6:00 Nick J (S) 24:40 Dave M Rx 12:08 Dave G (S) Red-Green/18:40 Malopy Rx 9:57 Jakeshia (S) Jumping/20:14 Maria (S) Purple x2/17:55 Joe L (S) Blue/ 21:46

7:00 Catie (S) Green-Blue/17:50 Tom O (S) 17:35 Jackie Rx 17:16