DUs-Hang Cleans-T2B


Friday May 30, 2014

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WOD 3 Rounds 40 DUs 16 Hang Squat Cleans 135/95/65 16 T2B

Skill/Strength: Dips Matador or Rings 3 rounds x 10 reps

HSPU 3 rounds x 10 reps *Strict Drop as low as possible without kip Use abmats as needed

Warm Up: DROM Dynamic Warm Up Musical Med Balls 5 min Band Mobility

5:00 Vic Rx 11:21 Matt C. 95/14:53 Mercedes 55/15:56 Jessica D. DU's/65/12:47 Wendy 55/18:27 Lucy DU's/65/15:28 Lisa DU's/65/14:45

6:00 Tim 95/17:41 Victor 75/15:45 Katie DU's/95/14:31 Dennis DU's/135/18:05 Vin 95/16:48 Jenny Mod/9:48 Dan B. Rx 16:28 JAck 75/17:43 Matt G. 135/Mod/21:06 Andrea 35/14:15 PMiddy Rx 15:54 Thea Rx 12:27 MKN 35/14:40

9:00 John Mc Rx 16:19 Eddie Rx 14:58 Amy 15/15:19 Curtis Rx 13:19 Jason DU's/115/16:07 MArk 75/20:06 Tricia 75/Mod/15:10 Lindsey DU's/65/14:00

10:00 Allen 65/18:09 JAmes 75/17:40 Jesse 95/16:04 Jen 65/19:25 Nutz 75/16:13 John W. 95/18:02 Miguel Rx 11:10 Cronin the BARBARIAN 95/14:23 Metz 45/15:43 Mike V. 75/16:05 Simeko 75/17:35 Tracy 65/15:54

4PM Joe P. 105/14:41 Gary Rx/18:38 Dan M s/95/18:00 Kelly L S/55/18:14 Chris S/95?18:36 Mason 115/13:42 Sophia S/55/15:58

5PM Dave Au 75/16:11 Adrian 95/15:22

6PM Jen P s/55/19:15 Dave M Rx/12:10 Malopy Rx/14:58 Jackie Rx/16:25 Jakeshia S/35/16:57 Jail S/35/16:57 Ben S/135/18:55 Lori 65/14:48 Jes S/95/17:27 Fred Rx+155/12:23