Pull Ups and Wall Balls/Hollow Rocks and TGUs

Curtis-Pull-Up Tuesday May 13, 2014

Remember to sign up for the Lake Katherine "Break for the Lake 5k" run this Sunday. Registration is open and you can sign up day of race between 7:00-7:45 am. Click her to sign up or more info. http://www.lakekatherine.org/

2014 Masters Qualifier #4 20 min Cap 100 Pull Ups 100 Wall balls *Break up as needed. ***Recommended*** 10 rounds of 10

Skill/Strength: Tabata Hollow Rocks

4 rounds x 6 TGU Alternate arms each rep

Warm Up: 30 Cal Row DROM 60 sec each Burpee Pull Ups Pry Squat Inch Worms across Turf Lateral Band Walks

5:00 Wendy 10/R+B/16:55 Mercedes 14/P+R/18:01 Maria Mod(15# Thrusters)/R+B/15:43 Meaghan 14/R+B/15:50 Lisa 14/R+B/18:15 Lucy 14/G/17:23 Jess J. 10/G/18:07 Jessica D. Rx 15:57 Jim Rx 15:48 Chuck Mod(HRPU's)/16:20 Dan C. Rx 14:19 Chris M. Rx 19:23

6:00 Dennis Rx 19:23 Dan B. Rx 11:09 Erik Rx 13:22 Victor Rx 17:26 Katie 14/R/19:49 Sean 16/B/15:52 Vin 20/B/16:15 Milo 16/18:47 PMiddy Rx 11:51 Thea Rx 11:51

7:00 Jason Rx 13:26 Matt G. Rx 19:29 MK Rx 16:28 Jack 14/G/17:05 Mac Rx/192 reps

8:00 Fred Rx 6:03 Sam Rx 9:27

9:00 Curtis Rx 11:33 John Mc Rx 14:42 Mark 20/B/18:39 Bill 14/Bl./160 reps Angie  10/G+R/17:45 Kim 10/G+B/14:30 Tricia 14/B+R/16:33 OJD Rx 16:45 Lindsey Rx 17:01 Amy Rx 161 reps

10:00 Metz Rx  19:22 Tracy 14/R/ 18:16 Matt C. 16/2 G's/ 15:12 Jesse Rx/ 11:36 Jon V. 14/12:45 Meaghan 10/B+R/13:50 Nutz Mod/ 20:00 John W. 20/Bl./ 182 reps Carlos Rx 17:58 Chelsea  Rx/ 180 Reps. MKC 10/G/ 15:00 James 20/R/ 15:39 Jackie Rx 18:07 9 Lives  Rx 9:52 Cronin Rx  13:26 Caitlin 10/G/ 15:58

4:00 Jim S. Rx/13:29 Mr. Burns G/10/13:09 Tammy Mod/B/11:47 MKM R&B/15:34 Joe Rx/12:09 Trooper Chris Rx/16:12 Phil B/17:34 Lynne G&R/10/14:41 Bernadette R&B/13:56

5:00 Jail R/15:24 Ashley Rx/14:04 Adrian Rx/15:33 Dave G&B/18:13 Alex Rx/11:28

6:00 Allison Rx 190 reps Paula 10-G&P/14:59 Matt B 20 B&R/16:50 David M Rx 8:08 Drake 14-B&G/16:56 Mary M 10-G/18:31 Mel Rx 154 Ed O Rx 12:36 Kathy 10-B&R/195

7:00 Mr. Coffey Rx 11:36 Jes W Rx 16:48 Kate 10 G/16:08


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