Running with Annie/CF Kids-All ages/Open Gym/Yoga


Wednesday April 23, 2014

CF KIds: JV(6-12 years) 4:10-4:45 Varsity (13-17 years) 5:00-6:00 Open Gym: 6:00-8:00pm Yoga: 8:00-9:00pm

Remember to register for the Whole Life Challenge.  We have 7 athletes committed, who's gonna step up and take action on a healther lifestyle?

Running with Annie 400 m run 50 DUs 50 Sit Ups 400 m Run 40 DUS 40 Sit Ups 400 m Run 30 DUs 30 Sit Ups 400 m Run 20 DUs 20 Sit Ups 400 m Run 10 DUs 10 Sit Ups

Skill/Strength: Group Mobility -Foam Roll -Heel/Calf Mashout

Warm Up: DROM 60 sec each Broad Jumps OH Walking Lunges GHD Sit Ups Plate Halos Burpee Pull Ups

5:00 Jess J.  Mod./23:03 Meghan S/24:51 Mercedes S/23:14 Maria S/25:45 Debbie Rx 25:13 Beetle S/18:40 Ryan Rx 17:40 Jim S/26:28 Lucy Rx 25:23 Raegan Mod. /21:49 Chris M. S/18:47

6:00 Natalie S/23:44 Katie Rx 22:47 Sean S/20:47 Dennis Rx 22:50 Victor S/21:57 Thea Rx 15:41 Dan B. Rx 19:48 PMiddy Rx 15:23 Milo S/20:59 Jenny S/22:54

7:00 Ray S/23:26 Grande S/24:17 Sewnig S/22:33

8:00 Sam Rx 15:53

9:00 Jean S/30:39 Stephanie S/24:07

10:00 Cronin S/21:00 Metz S/23:39 Tracy S/24:55

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