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Sunday February 23, 2014

Open Gym 9:00-11:00am CF Kids: JV (6-12 years) 12:00-12:35 Varsity (13-17 years)  11:00-12:00


Great job by both the CFB teams who participated in Trodo yesterday.  CFB 1 (Ashley, Allison, Malopy and Dave May) accomplished a 10th place finish.  Nice job.  CFB 2 (Jess D, Jackie, Coach Dave and John Mc) finished 20th.  A great effort by both teams.  It was a great day with the greater Chicagoland CF community and we encourage all CFB athletes to participate in the next Trodo Open.

Now we are in the new Box, a few parking rules we need to establish early.  Please DO NOT park in the strip mall across the street.  It is a very busy building and they use all the parking they have.  Also do not park in the side lots at the Cupcake store or the Tax office across Fairfield.  111th offers street parking, we can get about 10 cars in the lot, and there is room on the south side of Fairfield.  Please respect our neighbors, thanks.

Well done on completing 12 weeks of strength.  We hope you all feel stronger and more proficient on your Oly lifts.   We will re-test this week to see what kinds of gains you all have made.  We have already seen 1RMs get crushed and we are eager to see the final results.  Technique and form have improved dramatically and we are so happy to see the progress.  We have seen a lot of barriers broken in this young 2014 and we want to see it continue.  You guys have so much strength and potential it is a pleasure to watch and coach.

Our new CF Kids schedule is active now.  Please note the changes and for those who couldn't attend Mondays, we now have Sunday sessions.  This is a great program, MK and Ashley are fantastic and it is a great way to have the kids expel energy on these cold dreary days. The new schedule looks like this. Sunday's: Varsity (13-17 years)  11am-12:00pm,   JV (6-12 years) 12:00pm-12:35pm Monday's: JV Moves to Sunday.   Varsity (13-17 years)  5:00pm-6:00pm Wednesday's JV (6-12 years) 4:10-4:45pm, Varsity (13-17 years) 5:00pm-6:00pm

The CrossFit Games Open will begin this Thursday February 27.  14.1 will be announced Thursday night.  The Open is a great opportunity to test your training against every other CrossFitter on earth.  Who knows? maybe we have the next Rich Froning/Sam Briggs and don't even know it.  Once the Open begins we will cancel Team WODs on Saturday to offer heats to participate in the Open.  That means every Saturday from March 1 to Saturday March 29 we will not be running Team WODs.  If you can not do the WOD Saturday we can run you through it Friday or Sunday with a judge.    This is an amazing time of year as the community building is tremendous and the atmosphere is electric.  The CrossFit Game Open registration is live and you can sign up for $20.  We encourage everyone to participate just to get a feel for where we as a box and as individual athletes sit in this world of CrossFit.  Sign up here:

With the move of the Box and a greater ability to house large events, we are proud to announce we will be hosting a USA Weightlifting Certification and Seminar May 3-4.  Save the date if you would like to attend and improve your Oly lifts.  More info to come.

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