CrossFit Poker/CF Kids/Open Gym/Yoga


Wednesday January 22, 2014

CF Kids: JV (6-12 years) 3:55-4:30pm Varsity (13-17 years) 4:30-5:30pm

Open Gym: 6:00-7:00pm

Yoga: 8:00-9:00pm

CrossFit Poker

18 minute AMRAP

Pick 5 cards from the deck and do as many reps as the cards number: Hearts: Wall Balls 20/14/10 Diamonds: Box Jumps 24"/20"/20" step up Clubs: Kettlebell Snatches (From the Floor) 53/35/25 Spades: Pull Ups Joker: 15 Burpees Every Number card is it's value. The Jack is 11, Queen is 12, King is 13, Ace is 14.

Skill/Strength: 3 min Cap 500 m row ITTR Ball Slams 40/30/20

Warm Up: DROM Band Mobility then 3 rounds 30 sec each In Place OH Lunges 25/15/10 T2B PVC/bare bar Thrusters

5:00 Debbie 20/15 Vic Rx/27 Jessica Rx/16 Jim Rx/25 Chuck 30/16 Anne Rx/14

6:00 Dan B. Rx/23 Matt Rx/17 Mike B. Rx/10 Julie Rx/10 Thea Rx/26 JoAnn Rx/10 PMiddy Rx/26 Katie Rx/16 Jenny Rx/14 Erik Rx/17

7:00 Milo Rx/10 Simeko 20/10 Mark Rx/11 Raegan Rx/10 Silja 20/8

9:00 Kim Rx/8

10:00 Matt C. Rx/17 James Rx/15 Roz Rx/15 Steve Rx/27 Dan Rx/19 Metz Rx/16 Nutz Rx/14 Matt D. Rx/16 Tracy Rx/14

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