Team WOD Saturday/Free Intro Session/A Bunch of BDays


Saturday January 11, 2014

Open Gym:8:00-9:30am Team WOD 9:30-10:45am Free Intro Class: 11:00am

Please vote for CrossFit Beverly in the Beverly-Mt.Greenwood Patch Poll for best gym in Beverly-Mt. Greenwood.  Tell your friends voting runs until January 15th.

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Teams of 4 2 Girls/2 Guys

Deadlifts  5 min AMWAP (As much weight as Possible) Teams will set up 2 bars, Girls and Guys.  In the 5 min cap teams will do as many deadlifts as possible.  Teams will work in pairs, 1 girl and 1 guy  work together switching as necessary.  Weight on each bar is to be determined by teams prior to starting and score will be total weight lifted.  *If guys load bar at 200# and do 100 reps in 5 min and girls load bar with 100# and do 100 reps in 5 min total weight will be 30,000# (200x100)+(100x100)

3 min Rest, change weight on bars for Hang 2 Overhead.

12 min AMRAP Wall Balls 20/14/10 Box Jumps 24/20/20 step up H2OH (Hang to Overhead) 75/55/35 Plank Hold Teams rotate in a way they choose, i.e., EMOM or rep count, and work to collective max reps.  Score is total of all movement reps at end of 12 min.

3 min rest

Row 10 min AMCAP (as many calories as Possible) Teams rotate in a way they choose, i.e., EMOM or cal count, to achieve max calories in 10 min. Final score will be tally of all 3 WODs.

Skill/Strength: Team Selection Station Set Up Team Strategy

Warm Up: 5 min DROM then 2 Rounds 30 sec each OHS w/ Bar or PVC KB Snatches Good Mornings HRPU Row (No Straps) Then 5 min Band Mobility