Rest Day/Last Open Gym of 2013

Dr. Seuss

Sunday December 29, 2013


Please consider with the cold, wet weather wearing outdoor shoes and bringing indoor shoes.  The water and salt is hard on the rubber floors and rowing foot pegs.  It also really stinks to do burpees, push ups and/or inch worms in someones shoe slush. Thanks.

This week's schedule: All am classes on New Year's eve as scheduled, NO PM New Year's Eve. We have added an 8am and an 11am to the NYE schedule.  The 8:00 am class will remain through this week.  We will be closed New Year's Day.

Although it has been a short week we saw some great accomplishments which should be acknowledged.  Gareth got his Muscle Up on Thursday, Maria got her first Rx in a WOD Thursday and PR'd her back squat by doing 3 reps of her previous 1RM.  Ed O'Ryan got a bar Muscle Up Saturday, and Ashley passed her L-1 certification.  What an exciting and eventful way to end 2013.  It has been a great year full of milestones, accomplishments, PRs, and the continuos building of an amazing community.  We look forward to a whole new set of accomplishments in 2014.

That said, if you have not heard or have not been told yet, 2014 sees another big step in CFB.  We will be moving to a new space. 2745 W. 111th St.  It is a 6000 sq ft building which should house all of our needs for many years to come.  We are so excited to move into this new building.  It is because of you that we are able to do this.  With our phenomenal growth through your sharing with friends we have outgrown our current location faster then we could have ever expected.  The tentative date is February 1 with the first WODs scheduled on February 3.  The deal is done and work is being performed daily to get the new place ready in time. We will keep you posted on the schedule of the opening and a grand re-opening celebration.

Next Monday, January 6 as the beginning of our next On-Ramp program.  We will run 2 sessions at 11am and 6:45 pm.  Tell any and all of your friends interested in CrossFit about our On-Ramp program and have them enquire or sign up.  This will be our last On-Ramp in this building, and there will be a modest price increase in the new space come the February On-Ramp.  So if you have friends or family on the fence, perhaps a little nudge of a price increase is what they need.

There will be a winter Galt Games at Atlas February 15-16.  Individuals on Saturday Rx and Scaled, and teams on Sunday Rx and scaled.  If you would like to assemble a team or go solo, here is the link.