Saturday Team WOD/Trodo Games CrossFit Defined

Gayle Sayers

Saturday December 14, 2013

Open Gym 8:00-9:30 Team WOD 9:30-10:30 Free Intro Session 11:00-12:00 Trodo Games,  CrossFit Defined - Lincoln Square (2750 W Lawrence Ave) 12:00-6:00pm Teams can meet at CFB for Carpooling at 10am.  We highly recommend getting as many people in as few cars as possible as parking is a premium in Lincoln Square and with so many teams going it is going to be slim pickings for spots.


Teams of 4: 2 girls/2 guys 30 min AMRAP* Cal/Row KB Swings 62/44/35 Box Jumps 24/20/20 step up HRPU

*Final score will be combined Calories rowed/KBS/BJs/HRPU.  Teams will need to decide how rotation will occur. i.e, row 10 calories and switch, EMOM, etc. But, make sure Rower stays powered up so calories don't get lost.

Skill/Strength: Team Selection Station Set Up Strategy

Warm Up: DROM 4 min 1 Burpee 2 Squat Tuck Jumps 3 Push Ups 4 Mountain Climbers 5 Jumping Jacks Then Mobility 

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