Team WOD/Turkey Trot-Indian Run


Saturday November 30, 2013

Open Gym:8:00am-9:30am Team WOD:9:30-10:30 Free Intro: 11:00am-12:00pm

Turkey Trot 5k: 9:00am Kellogg School 9100 S. Hamilton.   We will do Indian Runs with whomever would like to jump in.  We can do 1 large group or break off into smaller groups.  Teams of no less then 4.  We will bring 10# med balls.  We will meet in the Kellogg playground by Gear Check at 8:45 .  However if folks just want to run we can run in a group.  Either way we will get a great run in on  a great course.  Please post to "Comments" if you are interested in the Indian Run.

Teams of 4 5000 m Row/1 Partner must hold plank while rowing. Must stop pulling if Plank is broken 10,000# Kettle Bell Swings 100 T2B

All work can be completed simultaneously.

70# KB=143 swings 53# KB=188 swings 44# KB=227 swings 35# KB=286 swings Figure division of work and decide rep scheme to work with all weights.

Skill/Strength: Team Selection WOD Overview

Warm Up: 800 m Run DROM Then 3 Rounds 30 sec each Burpee Pull Ups In Place Inch Worms OHS w/ PVC or bare Bar Then 3 min of Mobility