Trodo Box League Open WOD-Teams of 4 2Girls/2Guys/Happy BDay Kim T


Saturday November 16, 2013

!!!Happy Birthday Kim T!!!!

Teams will share 1 rower but will have 2 bars set up Once we know who's participating we will establish how many heats and what time we will begin.  Expect a first heat at 9:00am

Trodo Box League Open "TEAM-of-4, For Time - CAP20

[5000 meter, Row (2000+1500+1000+500)

[100 reps, Thrusters (40+30+20+10)

Women, CAT 1: #65; CAT 2: #55; CAT 3: ANY WEIGHT

Men, CAT 1: #95; CAT 2: #75; CAT 3: ANY WEIGHT" Part 1:

M1, F1 - 2000m Row M2, F2 - 40 Thrusters* (1st workstation change) Part 2:

M1, F1 - 30 Thrusters* M2, F2 - 1500m Row (2nd workstation change)

Part 3

M1, F1 - 1000m Row M2, F2 - 20 Thrusters* (3rd workstation change)

Part 4

M1, F1 - 10 Thrusters* M2, F2 - 500m Row

*For the partners doing thrusters, when one is not performing thrusters they must hold their barbell in the front rack position.

Skill/Strength: Free Agent partnering WOD overview Heat assignments

Warm Up: 800 m Run OH Walking Lunges, Step>Garage Door then as a group 2 Rounds 60 sec each Wall Walks Burpee Pull Ups In Place Inch Worms