Team WOD/Competitor Mobility


Saturday November 9, 2013

All Midwest Classic Competitors should come in for at least 1 hour of band mobility, DROM and stretching.   No WODding today!!!

Box will be closed tomorrow Sunday November 10.

Team WOD Courtesy of CrossFit Body Tech Midwest Classic

Teams of 2 (Preferably same gender)

30 min AMRAP OHS 20,000# Men, 10,000# women then 5 Hand-Release Push-Ups 10 Burpees 15 Box Jumps 20" Each team member performs each movement in a follow the leader format.  Follower can not start until leader finishes and leader may not move on to next movement until partner has completed all reps behind him/her.

Men's weight options and reps: 100#/200reps 125#/160reps 150#/134reps 200#/100reps

Women's weight options and reps: 50#/200reps 75#/134reps 100#/100reps 150#/67reps