Paleo Challenge WOD 10

secret to success

Thursday October 31, 2013


Lurong Paleo Challenge WOD 10 5 Min Time Cap: Decending Ladder of Hang Power Cleans 10 reps, 8 reps, 6 reps, 4 reps, 2 reps

Men L-3/135#, L-2/95#, L-1/65# Women L-3/95#, L-2/65#. L-1/45#

Ascending Ladder of Shuttle Sprints 20 m, 40 m, 60 m, 80 m, 100 m

You must complete the WOD at the same level you participated in on September 23.

Skill/Strength: Squat Snatch 5x1 at 85%* 1RM 2x2 at 75%* 1RM

Squat Cleans 5x1 at 85%* 1RM 2x2 at 75%* 1 RM

*if percentages are unknown, play with weight and find something heavy but manageable.

Warm Up: 500 m Row DROM Then 3 min 1 Burpee 2 Squat Tuck Jumps 3 HRPU 4 Mountain Climbers 5 Jumping Jacks then 60 sec Paleo Chair Burgener as Group

5:00 Mercedes L1/3:43 Melissa C L1/4:08 Debbie L2/3:38 Raegan L3/3:40 Jess J L2/4:05 Jim J L3/3:57 Pat M L3/4:10 Vic L3/3:26 Lisa L1/4:14 Wendy L1/4:45

6:00 Katie L2/3:43 Victor L2/3:46 Matt G L3/3:37 Jenny N L3/3:43 Erik W L3/3:58 Michelle B L1/4:10 Amy H L2/4:32 Vin L2/4:32 Patrick L3/3:32 Thea L3/4:14 Jo L2/3:52

7:00 Gary L3/3:20

9:00 Angie L1/4:14 Beetle L3/3:48 Jenni L3/3:24 Kim L1/4:42 T3 L3/4:08 Jason B L2/3:29 Erik P L1/4:54 Eddie L3/3:14 Tricia L2/4:17

10:00 John W L1/4:50 John R L2/3:02 B-rad L3/3:17 Tracy B L1/3:07 Metz L1/3:10 Amy K L1/3:17 Steve L3/3:19 James L1/3:49 Michelle A L1/3:27

4:00 Ron L1/4:36 Felipe L2/4:11 George L1/4:15 Jess D L2/3:18 Carlos L1/4:43 Liam L3/3:22 Adrian L1/4:10 Fred L3/3:26

5:00 Kari L1/300 (finished 70 meters of 100)

6:00 Christine L2/3:43 Patty L2/3:22 Jamille L1/3:43 Paula 35/5:00 Bisa 25/5:00

7:00 Ed O'r L3/3:42 P.J 55/3:43 Mike 85/3:52 Matt L2/3:34 T.J 65/3:55


Julie G. L3/4:31 Jason B (re-do) L2/3:15