Team Sleds

Sept on ramp

                                                                !!!September On-Ramp Graduates!!!

Saturday September 28, 2013


Teams of 4 2 Girls/2 Guys

30 min AMRAP 50 m Sled Pull/50 m Sled Drag,  Men-205#, Women-130# T2B Abmat Sit Ups S2OH 115#/75#

Each team member will take turns pulling the sled 50 meters out and then dragging it back Meanwhile team mates will work at each station counting reps of each movement.  Team score will be sum of all movements. Rotation:  Sled>T2B.  T2B>Abmat, Abmat>S2OH, S2OH>Sled.

Skill/Strength: Team Set Up Station Set Up WOD overview

Warm Up: 800 m Run Walking Reach Behind Lunges Door to step 5 Wall Walks 10 Pull Ups 30 Sec Flutter Kicks 60 sec Paleo Chair DROM Band Mobility

Team ED= 1098 Reps Jenny N. Ashley John R. Ed O'R B-Rad

Team 2= 1131 Reps Katie N. Jenni R. John Mc Matt Mc The Real Mike Kelly