Team Strongman-Box Closed Sunday, Come to Swallows Cliff for BURPEES!!


Saturday September 21, 2013

Open Gym; 8:00-9:30am Team WOD; 9:30-11:00 am Free Intro; 11:00am, Tell your friends!! Reminder!!  No OpenGym here at the Box tomorrow Sunday September 22.  Meet at Swallows Cliff at 9 am for Burpees. Bring a team or go it alone.


Teams of 4 2 Girls/2 Guys

800 m Indian Run 14# Medball 30 Tire Flips-10 per guy, 10 for pair of Girls 100 m Sled Drag 205# Guys, 120# Girls 40 Atlas Stones to Shoulder-10 per team member.  Weight TBD Yoke carry, 4000# total. Distance is 50 m per carry.

Skill/Strength: Team Selection Station Set Up Tire Flip Atlas Stone

Warm Up: 400 m Run Inch Worms Door to Step OH Walking Lunges 45/25/15 10 Burpees 60 Sec Paleo Chair DROM Shoulder Mobility Hip Floss Calf Floss