Swim WOD w/ CrossFit e-town/Softball-BBQ

August-On-Ramp                                                                                August On-Ramp Graduates


Saturday August 24, 2013

WOD 25 min AMRAP Team indian Run 800m 14# ball 25 m Swim Pool In/Outs Double Unders Ball Slams 30/20

On go teams will run 800 m Indian run.  Upon return each team member will take a station and begin work.  Ball Slams on east side of pool, In/Outs and DUs on west side of pool. The swimmer will go across the pool 1 length to relieve the In/Outs, In/Outs go to DUs, DUs swim length to Ball Slams, Ball Slams swim to In/Out.

Each station will keep continuous count and a final score will be tallied of all movements combined.  *Swim lengths do not count in total score.

If permitted by Pool Staff. WOD 2 Team Chicken Fights Seeded bracket system based on scores from WOD Men base/women top.  Best 2 out of 3 advances to next round

WOD 3 7 inning Softball e-town vs. CFB

Warm Up: Team selection and set up 100 m swim 15 HRPU 15 Squat Tuck Jumps 15 Med Ball Snatches 30/20 Dynamic Stretch

We will be bringing food and drink for after the softball game.  Feel free to bring something to share either food or drink.  We will be bringing a grill for burgers and sausage.

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