CF Endurance/Team WOD


Saturday August 3, 2013

Open Gym 8:00-9:30 CF Endurance 8:00 Team WOD 9:30-11:00


Teams of 4: 2 Girls/2 Guys Follow The Leader Follow the leader 30 Cal Row 30 Deficit Push Ups w/ Paralettes (Feet elevated same height as paralettes.) 30 m Walking Lunges 30 Wall Balls 20/14/10 30 KB Snatches 53/35/25 (chaange arms as needed) 30 Plate Burpees Double Unders until last team member finishes Burpees.  Alternate team members as needed keeping consecutive count.

Score will be completed time plus total DUs.

There is no order to who can go first or last.  No one is allowed to leap frog over the team member in front of them and only 1 person working on a movement at a time.

Skill/Strength: Team Selection Station Set Up Strategy

Warm Up: 800 m Run 10 per arm Tire Sledges 10 T2B 10 Wall Facing Squats 10 GHDSU w/ Med Ball 14/10 DROM