Team WOD Saturday


Saturday July 13, 2013

Open Gym 8:00-9:30 WOD 9:30-10:30 Free Intro 11:00


Teams of 4: 2 Girls/2 Guys 25 min AMRAP Slam Ball Carry 200 m 30#/20# AbMat Sit Ups Front Squat 95/65/45 Pull Ups

While 1 team member goes up the alley 200m with slam ball, the rest of the team works at a station.  Upon return, rotate to next station.  Run>sit ups, sit ups >front squats, front squats>pull ups, pull ups>run.  Team score will be total reps completed in sit ups, squats and pull ups.  2 barbells may be used to accomodate each gender.

Skill/Strength: Team selection Station set up (barbell weight) Assignments and order.

Warm Up: 800 m run OH KB Carries 2 laps 53x2/35x2/25x2 12 OHS w/ empty bar 12 GHDSU 12 GHDHX 12 Matador Dips DROM Band Pull Aparts

Maria/Jess D/Derrick/Joe P 1137 Tricia/Carolyn/Grande/Anthony 999 Ashley/Wendy/Matt Mc/Dave 961 Reese/Tammy/Malopy/John Mc 914

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