Team WOD


Saturday June 15, 2013

Open Gym 8:00-9:30 Team WOD 9:30-10:30 Free Intro 11:00  Tell your friends to join us for a Free CFB Trial

Team WOD Teams of 4

22 min AMRAP DUs Shoulder 2 Overhead 115/85/55 Plate Burpees (jumping onto 25# bumper) Pistol Squats (Counter balance with bumper/kettlebell okay.)

Double Unders are the pace setter.  40 DUs and then rotate (120 singles) DU's to S2OH/S2OH to Plate Burpees/Plate Burpees to Pistol Squat/Pistol Squat to DUs.  22 min AMRAP, score is cumulative total of all movements minus DUs.

Skill/Strength: Team selection Station Set Up Strategy

Warm Up: 800 m run 10 Jumping Jacks 10 HRPU 60 sec Flutter Kicks 10 Jumping Squats DROM Mobility, Calf Stretch, Hip Floss, Shoulder work

Team 1 Ashley Nick K Jim J Dave TOTAL:  796

Team 2 Tricia Joe P Vic Matt Mc TOTAL: 828

Team 3 Jennie Randy Malopy B-Rad TOTAL: 708