CrossFit Poker


Thursday June 13, 2013


"CrossFit Poker"

15 minute AMRAP

Pick 5 cards from the deck and do as many reps as the cards number: Hearts:  Wall Balls 20/14 Diamonds:  Box Jumps 24"/20" Clubs:  Kettlebell Swings (A) 70/53/35 Spades: HRPU Joker:  15 Burpees The Jack is 11, Queen is 12, King is 13, Ace is 14.

A round is the completion of all 5 movements.

Skill/Strength: Front Squats 5 rounds x 5 reps 75% of 1RM

Warm Up: 3 min Double Unders then 3 Rounds of 7 each Pull Ups HRPU GHDSU Wall Facing Squats DROM

5:00 Mercedes 23BJ's/17KB/11HRPU  232 reps Kris 31KB/6BJ/7PU   192 Reps Tim 6KB/8BJ/14HRPU/27WB   241reps Maria 12HRPU/21KB/16BJ  280 reps John R 11HRPU/12KB/26WB  207 reps Raegan 14WB/12BJ/19HRPU  285 reps

6:00 Terese 24WB/10HRPU/15 Burpees   190 reps Matt G 28BJ/14WB/12HRPU  184 reps Jessica 20KB/17WB/14HRPU  214 reps Katie 21 HRPU/27KB/8WB  216 reps Victor 28BJ/6HRPU/12KB  234 reps Jenny N 15WB/8BJ/22HRPU  248 reps Jo 22HRPU/17BJ/10KB  201 reps Sez 15WB/5HRPU/17KB  195 reps

7:00 Tracy 23 KB/6WB/15HRPU  248 reps Beetle 15 Burpees/16BJ/27WB  234 reps Mac 18WB/10HRPU/12BJ  170 reps MK 20WB/15KB/8BJ  247 reps Carolyn 20WB/19BJ/7HRPU  230 reps Anthony 20BJ/14HRPU/13KB/12WB  234 reps

9:00 Lynne 29HRPU/21BJ 218reps Randy 18HRPU/27WB/10BJ 304reps Rick 15HRPU/12WB/8KB 175reps Angie 24BJ/20HRPU/11KB 225reps MC 13WB/18HRPU/9KB 236reps Jen M. 23KB/30HRPU 230reps Kels 28KB/13HRPU/6BJ 185reps

10:00 O'Malley 24WB/17HRPU/1MU 208reps Matt McD. 11WB/8KB/20HRPU/15B/1MU 180reps Lindsey 36KB/13WB 234reps Eddie 22BJ/19KB/8HRPU 251reps Marino 15B/21HRPU/6WB/7BJ/1MU 205reps Metzler 7WB/8BJ/26KB/11/HRPU 312reps Janelle 23WB/12HRPU/12BJ 210reps Greg 24 WB/8HRPU/14BJ/10KB 232reps

4:00 Andre 13WB/12KB/18BJ 180reps Jensen 9WB/30KB/11HRPU/209reps Ruby 29BJ/17WB/230 JoAnne B. 19HRPU/26BJ/273 McGinnis 5WB/14BJ/19KB/6HRPU/254 Brennan 13BJ/6KB/15B/7WB/9HRPU/247 Fred 28WB/12BJ/15B/300 Jason 15WB/21BJ/12KB/196 Jenni 7WB/14KB/19HRPU/12BJ/217 Fetz 29BJ/9HRPU/11KB/245 Nick K. 39KB/135 George T. 24HRPU/8KB/13BJ/12WB/190 Felipe 15WB/18BJ/15B/194 Rob P. 28BJ/5KB/6HRPU/234 Michelle 8WB/10BJ/7KB/14HRPU/198

5:00 Joe P. 20HRPU/13BJ/12KB/6WB/259 Tammy 19WB/12HRPU/18BJ/216 James G 21WB/16KB/9BJ/204 Intern 29WB/17KB/204 Rob F. 13WB/5BJ/6HRPU/11KB/15B/174 McCabe 28WB/13HRPU/15B/150 Doyle 17HRPU/14KB/13BJ/8WB/223

6:00 Dennis 18KB/17WB/6HRPU/160 Lori 13KB/21BJ/15B/14HRPU/224 Patty 19HRPU/10BJ/8WB/7KB/231 Majka 15B/13WB/9BJ/22HrPU/235 Candice 17KB/13WB/9BJ/9HRPU/195

7:00 Allison 10KB/18BJ/15HRPU/240 Tricia 11WB/10HRPU/9BJ/18KB/211 Myles 11KB/18HRPU/10BJ/8WB/280 Ed O'R 28 WB/19HRPU/9KB/188

Saturday Poker WOD

John MC 15 Burp/13 BJ/13 HRPU/6 WB/12 KB/202 Julie G 15 HRPU/13 BJ/20 KB/203

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