Open Gym/CF Kids/Regionals Final Round


Sunday June 2, 2013

Open Gym: 9:00-11:00am CF Kids: 3-5 years 11:30-11:50 6-12 years Session 1 12:00-12:35 6-12 years Session 2 12:45-1:115 CrossFit Games Regionals: 9:00-4:00 Navy Pier


CF Kids today!!.  Classes for CF Kids 3-5 years old will be at 11:30 and kids 6-12 years at 12:00 and 12:45.  The kids are certainly showing they are enjoying it as we have had tremendous feedback. Today begins our membership program for the kids and we are offer 12 and 24 punch visits.  12 visits is $84 and 24 visits is $144 for our CFB members.  For Non-CFB members 12 visits is $96 and 24 is $180.

We have at 2 official team registered for the Galt Games at Atlas.  We have a third team which is just not officially signed up but organized.  We still have a few folks who want to compete but don't have a full squad.  Please place your name on the white board so we can set you up on a team.  No matter what  you think of your speed or ability, if you think you can do the movements as prescribed then please jump in.  Competition is fun and motivating!  You may never know what your real potential is until you perform in competition.
Julie is scheduled to sing the National Anthem for the Thunderbolts Friday July 12th.  This would be a fun outing for the CFB community where we can bring kids and support Julie's talents outside the box.  Please post to comments interest in attending and I will look into group tickets.
Julie is the team lead for this years Mudathon, July 20, 2013 in Valpo., The Mudathon is a 5k race with 40 obstacles and a ton of MUD.  For more details contact Julie for Team Mucked Up and she will have all the info for getting on board for this event.  As CrossFitters we encourage trying new, different and fun things.

Please save the date for the second annual CrossTown Classic Softball Game.  The Northsiders will make their way to Beverly Saturday August 24th for a team WOD followed by a 7 inning softball game.  No travelling involved as the Northsiders are coming to us this year, so please represent our great community and the mad softball skills I know you all have.