Team Saturday


Saturday May 25, 2013

Open Gym: 8-9:30 Team WOD: 9:30 Free Intro Session: 11:00, tell your friends.

WOD  Meet and warm Up at CFB. WOD will be at Bilicki Field (Monroe Park)

Teams of 5 (4 if we have low turnout due to holiday) 25 min AMRAP 50 m Backward Sled Pulls 90#/65# 50 m Forward Sled Pulls 90#/65# Bare Bar OHS 45#/35# KB Swings (A) 53/35 Sit Ups

If teams of 5, one team member will backward drag the sled while another team member waits across the field to return with sled running forward.  The team member who dragged backward will rest waiting for the sled to return where they will then forward drag the sled back.  Each team member will use the opportunity across the field to get a rest. If teams of 4, the sled dragger will backwards drag across field turn around and forward drag back. Meantime:  The rest of the team will be performing OHS, KB Swings, and Sit Ups.  Continue to work until the sled returns, counting your reps to share with the person who will replace you.  OHS will go to KB Swings, KB Swings to Sit Ups, Sit Ups to Sled Drag, Sled Drag to OHS.  Total score will be combined reps of OHS, KB Swings, and Sit Ups.

Skill/Strength: Team Selection Equipment selection Strategy Head over to park

Warm Up: 400 m Run Walking lunges in back door to step 20 Tire Sledges (10 per arm) 30 Mountain Climbers 10 GHD SU 10 GHDHX 10 Wall Facing Squats 60 sec Paleo Chair DROM