Team Chipper

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Saturday April 27, 2013

Open Gym 8-10 am. Team WOD 10 am. Free Intro, open to anyone, 11 am.


Teams of 4 2 girls, 2 guys 10,000# G2OH 200 Wallballs 300 Pull Ups 400 m Team run.

All work can be done simultaneously, but only 1 team member can work at a station at a time. Except run which is done upon completion as a team.  All team members must contribute at least 15% of work per movement.

Warm Up: 200 m Run OH KB Walks step>garage and back x2 53/35 15 GHDSU 15 GHDHX 10 HRPU 10 Ring Rows 10 Wall Facing Squats DROM Group Dynamic Stretch

THE BALTIMORE SHEMALES-18:02 Vic The Real MK Reagan Kim The Fake Mike Kelly

No Namers- 21:29 Dan Dave Nick Maria Patty

The Amish-23:21 Ed Erik Randy Jenni Candice

JBAM-21:30 Jack Brennan Ashley Melissa

The Jids-22:01 Steve Dennis Isabelle Jenny

BAMF-21:29 John Malopy Janelle Lindsey

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