Open Gym/Team WOD


Saturday April 20, 2013 Happy B-Day Debbie!!!

Open Gym 8-10 am Team WOD 10-11 am Free Intro (New guests) 11 am

WOD Teams of 6-8 1200 m Yoke Carry 355# 8000# American Kettle bell swings 400 T2B 200 Burpees onto 45# Competition Bumper

The Yoke Carry will consist of moving up the alley to Ken's (200 m) and back three times.  Alternating team members carrying the yoke as needed.  If a team member can not handle the load then team members running along side must carry excess weights to make the load manageable.  Every team member must cary the Yoke at least 100 meters. All work can be done simultaneously but only 1 team member can do each movement at a time, except for yoke carry which may require multiple members. (i.e, 2 team members can not be working on T2B at the same time, 3 members can not be KB swinging, etc.)

Skill/Strength: Team selection Team Strategy Equipment Set Up

Warm Up: OH Walking Lunges up and back 35/25/15 12 Squat Tuck Jumps 12 HRPU 12 GHDSU 12 GHDHX 12 Pull Ups DROM