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Saturday April 13, 2013

Open Gym 8-10.  Come in for Goat work, Mobility, or Oly before team WOD Team WOD at 10:00


Teams of 2 Partner 800 m Med Ball Carry(weight to be deternined by team-No less then 10#) 30 Partner Med Ball Sit Up passes (4 feet between feet.) Partner 800 m Med Ball Carry

*The Med ball may never be put down or dropped.  The only time the med ball may touch the ground is on the backswing of the sit up.  Otherwise the med ball must be in hand or in the air.  If the ball is dropped or thrown short in the sit up, if it is rested on the ground, rested on a trash can, rock or pillar during the run, each team member must do 10 Burpees per incident at the conclusion of the second run.

Skill/Strength: Tabata Hollow Rocks

Warm Up: 400 m Run 15 GHD SU 15 GHD HX 10 Bar Dips 10 Ball Slams 10 KB Halos DROM