CFB First CF Kids Today!

Peaceful Harvest

Sunday April 7, 2013

Rest Open Gym 9-11 Inaugural CrossFit Kids Classes; Two sessions 12-12:30 and 12:30-1:00


Honored Prairie makes a delivery next Saturday.  If you are planning to purchase please have your order in by midnight tonight.

Today is your last chance to attempt 13.5 before the games are over for another year.  Don't forget to register your score before 7 pm tonight.  You now have a solid measure of where you stack up amongst fellow CrossFitters in the region and worldwide.

Congratulations to everyone who competed in the Open this year.  It was a great five weeks and you all did outstanding!

If you enjoyed competing in the Open, there are many more events throughout the year.

We are going to road trip to a Weightlifting and CrossFit Comp in Grand Rapids Saturday April 27 (for men) and Sunday April 28 (for women)  We are sending a couple of athletes to this event.  If you are interested in competing please see me and we will be glad to have you join us.

The Garage Games is coming to Chicago and will be at Atlas CrossFit June 22 and 23.  There is individual and team comp.  They will also run and endurance comp.  This is a great opportunity to get involved in some real competition.  If you would like to be part of a team of go as an individual let’s make it happen.

We have a Tough Mudder team going to Seneca, IL Saturday May 18th. The team name is Keep it Legal, password is "chicago."  Sign up to race on an amazing obstacle course with a great team. It sounds like we have at least 12 people on the team, so I will look into renting an 18 passenger van to transport everyone. It’s gonna be a great time! Talk to John Majka for more details as he is the captain of the squad.

For those who aren’t interested in the Tough Mudder or who wants another summer event, we have a team going to Valparaiso again for this years Mudathon, July 20, 2013., The Mudathon is a 5k race with 40 obstacles and a ton of MUD.  For more details Julie is the captain for Team Mucked Up and she will have all the info for getting on board for this event.  There are so many events to do in the warmer months, if these aren't your thing, find one that is and we will gladly promote it for you.  As CrossFitters we encourage trying new, different and fun things.

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